Veggie Special 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted June 27, 2022

This article displays a sample veggie meal plate [green]; and a list of fruits, nuts and seeds. 

The green meal plate is a sample veggie nutrient dense meal:

food meal 5

Amount of Vegetable:

    Avocado: amount 1/2
    Broccoli flowers: amount 1/2 cup chopped
    Spinach leaves cut: amount 1/2 cup
    Beets boiled: amount 1 average size
    Beans pinto boiled: amount 1/2 cup
    Onions red: amount 3-4 slices

Avocado and broccoli are loaded with nutrients, essential anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. Broccoli contributes the mineral sulfur which activates all cells to absorb nutrients. Beets have much needed nitro oxide that regulates body processes.

Vegetables in the sample meal can be substituted or added. For example:

Different rainbow colored vegetables and fruits provide hundreds of phytochemicals like astaxanthin that were ignored in the past. 

As knowledgeable food experts will bring to your attention, just eating vegetables is good but eating veggies by themselves may not provide a balanced nutritious meal. You need to add fruit in season, seeds and nuts. Fresh fruits, seeds and nuts provide a balance of additional nutrients and are especially high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.

 Oh ... I almost forgot to mention the 'must' need for sunshine or vitamin D-3 that is now hormone D. Food does not have vitamin D. The human body is designed architecturally to depend on direct sunshine for health and survival. Many of our illnesses are caused by insufficient sunshine. Although some commercial supplement companies like to sell vitamin D-3 pills and tablets, the best way to get hormone D is from direct exposure to sunshine. Those living in the north can get direct sunshine exposure during the summer but seldom in the winter as the sunshine is very weak in the winter. Fish cod liver pills is not the same as vit D-3.



Nuts & seeds

almonds cashews fennel seeds flaxseeds sunflower seeds walnuts

An excellent veggie plate is Borscht or beet soup with mixed vegetables.

It may also be prudent to add Superfood as a supplement that comes from ocean Algae.  It is rich in nutrients and especially phyto-chemicals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.

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