Zeolite Review 2011 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University
The need to cleanse the poisons out of our bodies!

Posted October 01, 2011 Updated October 24, 2021.    Disclaimer The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only and is not intended as curative or prescriptive advice.  This is work in progress. 

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Many degenerative diseases and disorders are linked to environmental pollutants.  Indeed, environmental pollutants are suspected of silently causing many of our health problems.  A natural earth substance, zeolite, has been found to detoxify toxic chemicals, metals and other poisonous substances that accumulate in our bodies over time.  This article reviews the documented information about all of this complicated mess under one web-site, saving you time! 

Part I of this article presents evidence that we live in a toxic sea. We are exposed to chemical pollutants, that, in turn, may cause many of our disability symptoms and illnesses. It is important to understand that toxins are in our bodies and that we need a way to get rid of these toxins. Hopefully being aware of this information will provide an incentive to get more informed about zeolite. 

Then in Part II, zeolite is investigated as one detoxification option to get rid of the chemical poisons in our bodies.  Is zeolite safe and effective?   Back to top arrowup

Confessional:  [ Posted February 01, 2012:]   The author ingested pure powdered zeolite for two weeks, then capsule pure powder zeolite for about two months [ from November 01, 2011 to January 20, 2012 ].   Did it make a difference?  Did the zeolite detoxify, that is, remove any toxic poisons, including heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum from the body?  Answer:  The author does not know!  Reason:  My medical doctors refused to monitor my heavy metal levels in my body.  So there is no real good medical evidence one way or the other.  But, the author had no ill effects, feels better and although this may not be scientific, it is what all humans sense and respond to.  You feel pain, or feel good and no pain.  Our bodies are programmed to give us this feedback.  The science of zeolite is good and the author would give it the benefit of doubt in being a detoxifier.  However, we need research on the subject. 

 Part I: Chemical Pollutants May Cause Health Problems 

Obesity epidemic?  Diabetes epidemic?  Arthritis!! Cancer deaths unchecked!  And the increasing number of kids with autism, allergies and autoimmune disorders on the rise!

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med radiation
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nuclear wastes
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Exposure to pesticides [ organophosphates ], industrial chemicals, increasing radiation, radiation fallout, pollution and environmental pollutants are suspected of causing many of our chronic health problems. Our bodies are saturated with toxins and compromise our immune and other body systems, making us sick and disabled. Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity  So you think these statements are an exaggeration?  Look at the data below to give you some evidence that our health problems are real, ignored and on the rise:  Back to top arrowup

 Silent Pandemic of Environmental Pollutants 

Grandjean and Landrigan, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, concluded in 2006 that "industrial chemicals are responsible for what they call a silent pandemic that has caused impaired brain development in millions of children worldwide. It is silent because the subclinical effects of individual toxic chemicals are not apparent in available health statistics.  Hence, doctors, public health and industry pay little attention to the link between chemicals and brain related disorders of children, teens and adults." Article by Grandjean: silent pandemic is no longer active.

The New York Times reported that a new study of twins suggests that environmental factors, including conditions in the womb, may be at least as important as genes in causing autism. Mathematical modeling suggested that only 38 percent of the cases in the study could be attributed to genetic factors, whereas environmental factors appeared to be at work in 58 percent of the cases.

Chronic diseases and disabilities now affect more than 90 million men, women, and children, more than one-third of the USA population. In spite of the many advancements in medical practice, the best available data shows an increase in the incidence of asthma, autism,   Article by Byrd: autism increase in California is no longer active. Article by Mutter: Mercury & autism is no longer active. attention deficit [ ADD ], hyperactivity disorders [ ADHD ], birth defects Worobey: heavy metals -health, childhood brain cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia, cancers, endometriosis, Parkinson’s disease, and infertility (Trasande and Landrigan 2004, Jahnke et al. 2005).      Up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Scientists cannot fully explain these increases, but early life exposure to environmental pollutants is a leading suspect.    Worobey: heavy metals -health

Sources: Yeargin-Allsopp et al. 2003, CDC 1995, Robison et al. 1995, Schecter 1999, Ananth et al. 2001, Branum and Schoendorf 2002, Swan et al. 1998, Paulozzi et al. 1997, Dunson et al. 2004, Trasande and Landrigan 2004, Jahnke et al. 2005

Scientists are discovering that the links between chemical exposures and disease are complex. While metals like lead and mercury directly target the developing brain and nervous system, other compounds may produce toxic effects indirectly by altering hormones levels which in turn increase vulnerability to other cancer causing chemicals; by lowering birth weight, which causes other systems to compensate and may increase the likelihood of diabetes or heart disease; or by damaging tissue in the brain or nervous system that only become a problem when that tissue is needed later in life.

An example relevant to the study of brain damage is the steady increase in testicular, breast, and prostate cancer, all of which are sensitive to slight alterations in hormone levels. Increases in these cancers could be driven in part by exposure to pollutants in cord blood that mimic human hormones, such as dioxins and furans.

The slow accumulation of heavy metals in human bodies has been implicated in numerous neurological diseases, including autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,    Article by Mutter: Mercury & autism is no longer active. encephalopathy, Parkinson’s disease,  and Alzheimer’s disease  Grant: Alzheimer  Worobey: heavy metals -health.  Furthermore, specific links have been made between lead and mercury accumulation and the development of learning disorders other than autism spectrum disorders.  In addition, cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and cardiac rhythm disorders, have been linked to the accumulation of lead, renal disease has been linked to exposures to lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, and reproductive problems including infertility have been linked to numerous heavy metal exposures.  Flowers zeolite to remove toxins  Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity

Heavy metals and Chemicals abound in every facet of our lives!

Hazardous chemicals are found in the tissues of nearly every person on earth and exposure to them has been linked to environmental pollution. Article about Zeolite news: Toxins & you is no longer active.

The "body burden" of chemicals, as tested by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every two years, has found that the average American now [ 2010 ] has 116 synthetic compounds in his or her body.

"It is common knowledge that 80% to 90% of most chronic health conditions are triggered by toxins. Toxins are carcinogens which cause damage to our DNA, and brain function, cause cells to divide faster than their normal rate, thus causing all kinds of cancer, as well as neurological disorders and so forth."  Article by Paull team: Toxins is no longer active.

Another example, farmers using [ Check section 'Halogen robbers' in Iodine ] bromide, pesticides that remain as residues on foods, water purification plants using chlorine to purify drinking water, the dumping of mercury, arsenic, lead  and radiation wastes from automobiles, industry, hospitals and nuclear power plants .... all dump pollutants into the soil, water and air.

Our bodies absorb many pollutants over time.  We react to the build up of these as poisons, with symptoms of sickness, disability and chronic diseases.

 Natural detox system:    Our bodies do have an immune system that has the ability to get rid of toxins.  The human physiological system has many mechanisms in place for excreting these contaminants; as through sweating, storing in hair and nails, defecation and urination.  However, the ability to excrete and eliminate these environmental toxins varies with the bio-individuality of each person and the amount of chemicals accumulated over time.  Flowers zeolite to remove toxins

In today's world, we are overwhelmed with invisible toxins and pollutants.  environmental pollution  All these pollutants accumulate in our bodies over time faster than our natural detox system can get rid of them.  The travesty is that public health scientists and medical doctors are paying little if any attention to the silent environmental pollution pandemic; nor to the build up of toxins in our bodies.  Back to top arrowup

 Three videos  created by Balanced Health Today [ below ] do a wonderful job of explaining how toxic metals can cause health problems.  The videos end with introducing the commercial products of the company.  This web-site author does not endorse the products of this company nor the process of EDTA chelation.  You can skip these videos if you feel offended by the marketing ploys used.  NOTE:  If a video starts but then stops working, your can activate it again by clicking on view above, then click on "refresh" to get it going again.

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 Toxic build up 

Over the course of time, everyone will absorb high levels of heavy metals. As the metals build up, they begin breaking down the body's cell structure, cause inflammation and a rapid buildup of free radicals.  The free radicals, in turn, bump into more of the miniscule metals, causing these contacts to break up into more free radicals.  The free radical overload eventuates in a poor immune system and disruption of the metabolic processes and body systems.

 Symptoms vs cause:  But there is something you can do to get rid of all this toxic junk in your body! Instead of taking a prescribed pain killer medication to ease your symptoms of pain or feeling bad, you can try to deal with the cause of your problem!  How about removing the toxins and poisons that may be causing your symptoms?

Research indicates zeolite may be helpful in removing toxic metals and substances from the body, thereby restoring the immune and other body systems.  Back to top arrowup

 Part II: Zeolite 

One gram of zeolite gives several thousand square feet of surface area! Because of this property, zeolites have a great absorbing and healing power.

zeolite structure layers tetrahedralballWhat is Zeolite? Zeolite is a soil-rock material, similar to clay, formed when molten lava and organic ash come in contact with salt water, then reacting with sodium in sea water, to form different forms resembling sheets [ on the left ] or a cage like [ ball ] structure with a negative electric charge.  The cage can resemble a "nano buckyball" or soccer-ball-shaped molecular cage, with open holes or sieves, as illustrated on the right. Bell: zeolite

 Structure:   Zeolites have a porous crystalline three-dimensional framework structure that is ideal for removing toxins and poisons. The framework is built from the elements aluminum, oxygen, and silicon, with alkali or alkaline-Earth metals (such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium) plus water molecules trapped in the gaps or pores between them.

You can find more information about the structure of zeolites and their characteristics in the references.

zeo animation

There are many varieties of zeolites but clinoptilolite [ (Na, K)AlSi 5 O 12 · 3H 2 O ] is the form found to be most useful in medicine and industry.  Clinoptilolite [ abreviation (CLN) ] has a cage like structure and a negative charge.  This negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins, positive charged viruses, halogens like bromine and fluorine and heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic (being the worst), cadmium, and aluminum into its cage, traps them and then carries them out of your body.  The animation on the right illustrates this cleansing feature of zeolites.  Back to top arrowup

 How do Zeolites work? 

Zeolite has an action similar to a magnet attracting iron filings and holding them there.   It can adsorb bacterial odors, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, etc..

Clinoptilolite has a cage-like structure, with pores and channels of specific size running through the crystal. The specific size of the pore lets only smaller sized toxin molecules pass though the pore and into the cage.  Larger toxins or substances will not pass through the set pore hole. The toxins outside the pore have a positive charge that is electrically attracted to the pore opening.  The negatively charged clinoptilolite cage carries a net negative charge and draws the positively charged toxin to itself trap the positively charged heavy metals and other toxic substances.

The unique size of zeolite pores act as a safety check point, screening through selective units but stopping those not able to go through the pores. 

The illustrations below illustrates this process:

sodium in zeo
Step 1:  Medium zeolite formed by an 8-ring pore with free diameters of 3.5 - 4.5 angstroms. The positive charged sodium is 2.3 angstroms in size, and is attached to the negative charged cage.  The pore is big enough to allow sodium and mercury to move in and out but not other minerals or substances bigger than 4.5 angstroms.  Thus, essential and larger pore size substances cannot pass through the pore and thus, are not eliminated by the zeolite.  Size is approximate for illustrative purposes by Walter Sorochan
hgin zeo1
Step 2:  When the zeolite tetrahydron cage [ made by eight oxygen molecules ] is near a mercury unit, the mercury [ Hg++ ] has a strong attraction to replace the sodium [ Na + ] inside the cage.  The mercury is attracted to the cage, thereby trapping itself inside the cage.  .Size is approximate for illustrative purposes by Walter Sorochan

During the ion-exchange process, metal ions had to move through the pores of the zeolite mass. The metals had to also move through channels of the zeolite structure, and they had to replace exchangeable cations (mainly sodium and calcium).    Article by Erdem: zeolites remove metals is no longer active.

The specific pores in a zeolite are highly selective for heavy metals like mercury & lead with less attraction to vital minerals like calcium, potassium & selenium that are of a larger size and cannot pass through the pores.    RNA Research: Mercury removal is no longer available.  Hanshew: heavy metals & Inflammation ACZnano  Back to top arrowup

 How zeolite works in body:    The illustration above provides a very simplistic view of how zeolite could work in the body.  Documentation of exact details on how zeolite actually works in the body is somewhat of a mystery at this time.  Sloan-Kettering: zeolite action Information appears to be anecdotal.  For example, after the Chernobyl accident, health officials in Bulgaria, had their citizens prepare zeolite pills and cookies for human consumption; to counteract Chernobyl fallout. The zeolite apparently exchanges 137Cesium and 90Strontium in the gastrointestinal tract; an assumption.  The zeolite and its trapped radiation particles were excreted by normal body processes, thereby removing the radiation poisons from the body.

Campbell states that: "It [ zeolite ] is normally insoluble in stomach and bile acids, so that it is eliminated in feces along with the toxins that it has adsorbed," but provides no real documentation about the possibility of zeolite entering the blood stream. Article by Campbell: Advice is no longer active.  This claim is inconsistent and different from claims made that liquid zeolite enters the blood stream and thereby removes toxins; although no mention of zeolite working in the large intestine. 

Several liquid zeolite sellers claim that some of the zeolite as liquid is absorbed into the blood stream where it collects toxins and is then somehow eliminated from the body.  But they do not mention whether essential minerals are affected by zeolites, nor the amount of toxins that are removed from the blood stream or large intestine.   Back to top arrowup

 Health Benefits: 

Through their strong negative magnetic charge and honeycomb like structure, zeolites have the ability to draw in only positively charged toxins, trap them, and then safely remove them from the body.  Flowers zeolite to remove toxins     Article by Chojnacki: zeolite removal mercury is no longer active. According to the website www.liquidzeolite.org, consuming powdered zeolite can have the following important health benefits:

1. Removes heavy metals including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and tin.
2. Removes radioactive metals like cesium and Strontium-90.
3. Removes pesticides, herbicides and dioxins by reducing the toxic load to the liver
4. Reduces viruses in body
5. Reduces absorption of nitrosamines, which are most commonly found in processed meats, and have been linked to pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer, as well as to Type II diabetes
6. Helps buffer body pH to a healthy alkalinity
7. Helps to buffer blood sugar
8. Helps reduce cancer risk
9. Improves nutrient absorption
10. Acts as a powerful antioxidant
11. Reduces symptoms of allergies
12. Increases immune system function by removing toxins, viruses, yeasts, bacteria and fungi which can depress immune function
13. Helps prevent premature aging

Cleansing Uses of zeolites:

There are many uses of zeolites in medicine, industry and homes.  Many using soft water at home may not be aware that zeolites are used for the removal of calcium from hard water by exchanging sodium ions for calcium ions and the result is soft water.

Heavy metal removal:

Zeolite clinoptilolite can remove toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsnic and lead from the environment and also out of the bodies of humans and animals. Article by Morali: Zinc & lead removal is no longer found. Back to top arrowup

 Medical applications of Zeolites: 

The ion-exchange process is reversible, allowing adsorption of ions and molecules, making zeolites useful as filters for dust, toxin removal Grve: zeolite use against viruses , and as chemical sieves. Consequently, water and other solutions can be absorbed, then the zeolite heated to drive off the water and a solution product is retained. This process is used in applying zeolite as a delivery system in medicine, farm animal feeds and other applications in industry and home products.  Auerbach: Handbook zeolite

Zeolite used as a contrast material in machines that do MRI imaging. That would include any equipment used to do an MRI; used in dialysis equipment;  and in wound dressings.  Zeolite granules, when used externally on wounds, can stop bleeding and promote clotting through the absorption of water   Sloan-Kettering: stop bleeding   Sloan-Kettering: zeolite action

 Cancer:  Zeolite appears to prevent and may become an important treatment for cancer. In one study, 78 percent of the 65 participants with terminal cancer (many types) experienced complete remission (LifeLink Pharmaceuticals, 2005, currently not published).  Article by Cousens: zeolite detox is no lonber active.

Pavlic and associates found that zeolite blocks cell growth in several cancer cell lines.  Clinoptilolite treatment might affect cancer growth by attenuating survival signals and inducing tumor suppressor genes in treated cells.  Article by Pavelic: cancer therapy is no longer active.  Article by Peiper: zeolite treats cancer is no longer active.

Treatment of cancer-bearing mice and dogs with micronized zeolite clinoptilolite (MZ) led to improvement of the overall health status, prolongation of life span and decrease of tumor size in some cases.  Shelian: Zeolite research Mainstream medicine has yet to acknowledge this research!  Back to top arrowup

 Zeolites can restore immunity:   Article by Portney: research is no longer active. Two forms of zeolite supplement, Megamin and Lycopenomin, bolstered immunity [ resulted in significantly increased CD4+, CD19+, and HLA-DR+ lymphocyte counts and a significantly decreased CD56+ cell counts. ]  Shelian: Zeolite research

Accumulating evidence from preclinical studies and the first human trials suggests oral zeolite supplementation therapy can enhance the primary treatment of a variety of immunodeficiency disorders. Further research is necessary to clarify the proposed mechanisms of action of the zeolite compounds and to confirm the promising results observed in this pilot study. Article by Ivkovic: immunity study is no longer active.  Back to top arrowup

 Disable viruses:   "Function of zeolite is to trap pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses and their ability to make us sick. In this way, zeolite may play an important role as a broad-spectrum anti-viral. Viruses are produced in parts as on a production line, at the end of which the virus is fully constructed. Zeolite absorbs viral parts into the pores of the mirconized zeolite aggregates (not into the chelating-like cages described above). This explains why zeolite seems to block the development of many viral infections, including herpes virus 1, coxsachie virus B-5, ecco-virus 7, and adeno virus 5. Forty anecdotal cases of herpes zoster have reportedly been cured, with sufferers becoming pain-free in one to three days after beginning to take zeolite. Anecdotal testimony also reports that it is effective in alleviating or curing the flu, colds, hepatitis C, viral or heavy-metal induced multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Zeolite’s effect as an anti-viral appears to be a preventative function that builds up over time, beginning after approximately four to six weeks of use, when heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides have been mostly eliminated. There is anecdotal evidence, however, that in some cases its anti-viral effect seems to be immediate."  Article about Zeolite Support: using powdered zeolite is no longer active.  Grve: zeolite use against viruses  Back to top arrowup

 Absorption into body:    After ingestion, zeolite clinoptilolite is resistant to degradation by gastric and intestinal juices, and its major cage structure is not absorbed from the gut into systemic circulation.

  1. When zeolite powder is ingested into the human body, the zeolite then begins to capture toxins both from the digestive and intestinal tracts and from the bloodstream [at the villi point of contact]. Zeolite has intimate contact with the blood in the villi and thus filters the blood. This intimate contact is also how food molecules are absorbed into the blood. ETS: zeolite
  2. It is unclear if zeolite powder is absorbed in the intestine or if it has any systemic effects.  Sloan-Kettering: zeolite

When ingested, powdered zeolites, like almost all silicates, are inert and therefore do not react chemically with food or body fluids or their metabolites. Therefore the risk of any associated adverse effects is very low or insignificant. Back to top arrowup

 Storage:    Many toxic pollutants are stored in fat tissues of the body. These may be excreted slowly over time.  Others, like anti-oxidants, circulate in the blood stream.    Once the toxins are released into the blood stream, zeolite can adsorb or remove the toxins.  Back to top arrowup

 Dosage INTAKE:    "Clinoptilolite is normally taken twice a day, half a teaspoon diluted in 200ml of water (best to use a non-metallic spoon and cup) in the morning and before bed. A break should be made between its intake and meals [ about 1 hour before or after ]. If medications are taken, care should be taken, since clinoptilolite can neutralize their action.  In cases of kidney problems, pregnancy clinoptilolite is not recommended. In cases of food poisoning, diarrhea and bacterial infections, larger doses are known to be taken by some people [1-2 tablespoons].  Obviously, a hospital treatment should be sought first and foremost in an emergency."   Article by Behnke: Zeo detox is no longer active.

Zeolites have stable structures and are not broken down in the gastrointestinal tract when taken orally. Sloan-Kettering: zeolite  The actual mechanism of absorption of zeolites is unclear.  Back to top arrowup

 Safety:  "Quality tested zeolite products have been proven through numerous scientific studies to be 100% safe and have been granted GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."    Article by Anderson: Zeo benefits is no longer active.  Article by Australia summary research is no longer active. However, being granted recognition as safe does not imply that the commercial supplements are free from dirt, chemicals and other contaminants. Many zeolite supplements may have impurities in them.  It is difficult for a prospective buyer to know which supplements are clean and pure.   Article by Byrd: autism increase in California is no longer active. 

 Warning:  "A review of zeolite by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center warns that inhaled zeolite dust can cause mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer, if inhaled. Zeolite can also act as an immuno-suppressant, decreasing immune activity. The proven chelator activity of zeolites can remove valuable minerals from the body and can decrease the effectiveness of certain medications, including aspirin."   Article by Anderson: Zeo benefits is no longer active.

Do not apply liquid zeolite directly into the eyes or ears. Back to top arrowup

 Herb-Drug Interactions:    Sloan-Kettering: zeolite Zeolite can potentially interact with many prescription drugs when consumed together.

  • Since zeolites have chelating and ion-exchanging effects, they can potentially bind to tetracycline derivatives, quinolones, and iron resulting in decreased bioavailability.
  • Zeolites have also been shown to adsorb aspirin, theophylline, propanolol, and phenobarbital in vitro.
  • Zeolites may have antioxidant effects and can potentially interfere with the actions of some chemotherapy drugs.
  • Zeolites may also provoke graft versus host reaction therefore, they should not be used with other immunosuppressant drugs or in transplant patients.
  • Because zeolites have buffering effect and can increase the pH of the stomach, premature disintegration of enteric coated medications may occur when used concomitantly.   Back to top arrowup
  •  Excretion of zeolite:    Zeolite is excreted mostly through feces, with lesser amounts in the urine and sweat. 

     Toxin removal:    Detoxification is a full-time job for your body! Toxin removal is a natural, ongoing process that happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with all the toxins and stress in the modern world, it is a lot of work. Galland

    The detoxification time needed varies from person to person and how much toxin is in the body of a person.  This time variability includes overweight and obese persons [ toxins stored in body fats ] who tend to accumulate more toxins as compared to normal weight persons.  These toxins can be gradually released during a healthy weight loss program.  This is also true for those persons who have an unhealthier lifestyle and have an overload of toxins to detoxify. The more toxins, the longer to detoxify.  Thus, the body's own detox system may be continuously overwhelmed by the surplus of toxins and be unable to get rid of the toxins fast enough.

    Although most detoxification programs may last between 7 to 14 days, Detox Plan   detoxification may last from a few days to several years.  Indeed, detoxification may never be complete while living in today's toxic environmental soup.

    Zeolite appears to remove toxins from the body in an hierarchical order.  It first acts strongly to remove lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. This first phase may take 1 - 4 weeks or longer. Next it removes second priority toxins including pesticides, herbicides and plastics. Then it removes xeno-oestrogens from the body excreting them through the urine. It also seems to neutralize the aflatoxin poison.  Article about Zeolite for better health is no longer active.  Article about Zeolite Support: using powdered zeolite is no longer active. Back to top arrowup

     Toxins interfere with fat loss:    Fat loss is difficult when the body is full of toxins. "The biggest reason we don't burn fat easily is because we are full of toxins, and our bodies store toxins in fat. Our bodies do not want to burn "toxic fat" because the toxins would be re-released into the body. To explain this further, the fat burning cycle is initiated by the hormone glucagon, which is released when we eat protein. Three main things inhibit the production of glucagon. The first is excess Cortisol, released due to stress. The second is excess estrogen. (Even guys produce or have excess estrogen in their bodies, obtained through food, tap water or other sources in the environment.) The third inhibitor is toxic overload within the body. So, when toxins stress our bodies, our bodies do not burn fat. Our resourceful bodies have stored toxins in fat so that they can't harm us, and will not start burning fat as long as our bodies continue to be stressed with toxins. To make matters worse, when our fat stores are full of toxins, we develop even more fat stores to take care of our newly acquired toxins. No wonder losing fat is so difficult!"   Karl: Toxins prevent weight loss

    Although not discounting the possibility that toxins could interfere with body fat loss,  Karl's information lacks supporting documentation and medical research.  There may be other factors interfering with body fat loss, like leptin. There is supporting information that adds credibility to Karl's information but these articles do not provide references as documentation:  HSU-Leblanc: Toxins fattening  Gever: toxins & weight loss  Article by Oler: Toxins And Weight Loss is no longer active.  Grun: abstract Toxins & weight  

    Scientific Evidence: Best documentation, supporting references and research is that provided by Russ Mason's interview with Paula F. Baillie-Hamilton that best explains the theoretical link between toxins and obesity, Baillie-Hamilton: theory Toxins & obesity  Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity  The obesogen theory,  Article by Obesogen Hypothesis is no longer active. the article by Hyman and Decherfa's 2011 summary of the link between toxins and the brain.   Article by Decherfa: Toxins link to brain is no longer active.

    “Children whose mothers were exposed to steroids or steroid-mimetic chemicals during pregnancy are potentially at risk of obesity in later life.” Article by Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity is no longer active.

    "Other toxic agents that suppress thyroid gland function. As we know, the thyroid produces a powerful weight reducing hormone. However, several synthetic chemicals—including some food additives—either have antithyroid activity or damage the thyroid in other ways. With increased exposure to antithyroid chemicals, damage to thyroid function increases in a cumulative way." Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity

    Here is what you should know about detoxification and chelation!  Back to top arrowup

     Chelators can be dangerous:    Article by Barrett: Metal tests is no longer active.  Rudy: dangers chelation  Rudy: chelation uncertain   Chelators used under the supervision of a physician in a hospital setting include desfuroxamine mesylate, dimercaprol [BAL ], DMSA, D-pencillamine, and Calcium disodium versante or EDTA. Testing the body for heavy metals is usually done as evidence that heavy metals are found in high concentrations in the body. However, such tests may be misleading and inappropriate. The body can excrete heavy metals over time and restore initial high test readings to lower levels, thus chelation may not be necessary. This information contributes to chelation controversy.

    Although the chelators used in main stream medicine have the ability to draw out heavy metals and toxins, they can also draw out beneficial minerals and compounds; a major side effect that accompanies these methods. They do not have a selective uptake mechanism but rather grab everything in sight. Such generalized detoxification can deplete essential body minerals; a dangerous possibility.

    Zeolite, on the other hand, has the ability to selectively draw out only harmful substances from our bodies as mentioned previously. To understand how this is possible you need to be aware of that the zeolite ion-exchange process is reversible and how this works.  Article by Moirou: ion exchange is no longer active.

    Unlike chelators, the specific pores in a zeolite are highly selective for heavy metals like mercury & lead with less attraction to vital minerals like calcium, potassium & selenium that are of a larger size and cannot pass through the pores.  Results RNA Research: Mercury removal   Hanshew: heavy metals & Inflammation ACZnano

    Clinoptilolite, as a chelator, binds a variety of toxins. It will not pull metals that are sequestered inside tissue or bone. If, on the other hand, the tissue or bone has already released free metals into the system, the zeolite will have the ability to trap and remove them. Waiora: zeolite research studies  NCD Australia  Back to top arrowup

     Controversy:    There is a controversy about using zeolites as a chelator.  Another controversy has arisen as to whether to use powder or liquid zeolite.  The video below deals with the powder versus liquid zeolite forms. 

    Portney: video

    Zeolites are commercially available in granular, liquid and powder form. The powder form has been advocated as the best and safest form to use and, supposedly, has been proven by scientific studies to be the most effective.  However, the documentation to support all of these claims is weak.  Back to top arrowup


    Most websites advertising zeolite products focus on marketing and selling their products. They espouse that "research supports their product" but most sellers do not provide evidence of supporting documentation or relevant research.  Their advertisements stretch the truth! 

    Clinoptilolite, as it is mined, contains dirt and numerous chemical contaminants, including many of the heavy metals.  Flowers and his associates tested for effective removal of metals from the body by collecting urine samples.  Flowers zeolite to remove toxins  Flowers found that many zeolite supplements contain impurities.

    Zeolite supplements don't have much, if any, human research.  Most research studies have been done on poultry, mice, swine, cattle, dogs and sheep.  Although animal body systems function much like human systems, there have been very few controlled researches on humans using zeolite products.

    Documentation is lacking good experimental design control studies about what happens to the zeolite in the digestive system, the blood circulatory system and the rest of the body.  It is difficult to accept commercial claims regarding their clinical usefulness or advantage over other chelation procedures.  Shelian: Zeolite research

    Russian scientists gave zeolite to farm animals, children and adults after the Chernobyl accident, but other than testimonials, follow-up studies are not available.  Although we can assume that zeolite did help detoxify the radiation in live stock, children and adults, many of the cancers attributable to radiation have been suppressed or unreported. The same is true of the current Japanese use of zeolite used in Japan.

    In light of missing explanatory and supportive documentation, you should proceed with caution in using zeolite supplements. This caution is given not because zeolite does not work but because the research to support the affect of zeolite on the body is lacking. This may not be what you want to hear, but this advice is a most prudent one!

    Liquid zeolite supplements are controversial, expensive and lack good research.  Different brands of liquid zeolite can be of very different quality, may have contaminants and may have unexpected effects on the body. So the liquid zeolite industry is a confusing mess at this time, with no agreed-upon standards and lacking good human research.  Liquid Zeolite: comparison of liquid zeolites  Liquid zeolite information provided by companies selling zeolite supplements needs to be viewed with caution.

    An official response to the “Liquid” Zeolite issue by Micah Portney:   Article by Portney: story liquid Zeolite is no longer active.

    "Zeolite is a solid by nature. It was formed when molten lava came in contact with seawater millions of years ago. Its health benefits are a result of its cage-like structure and its natural occurring negative charge. That negative charge allows Zeolite to attract positively charged metals and toxins like a magnet, trap them in its cage-like structure and draw them out of the body. Any manipulation of this solid (such as making it liquid), destroys the beneficial cage-like structure and negative charge, rendering what’s left (a pool of elements) useless and possibly even dangerous."

    "All of the published scientific studies ever done on Zeolite showing it beneficial for health (detox, cancer, diarrhea, immune boosting, cancer, etc.) have been done using the powdered form of the mineral, including those studies being referenced by the liquid companies. There have never been any published studies done on the liquid."

    Finally, author-researcher, Sorochan, has reviewed many of the professed web-sites selling zeolite supplements. He found most of the listed references espoused by marketers of zeolite to be irrelevant to the product being sold.  Most of the references that were listed as supporting evidence were mostly for animal studies or had nothing to do with zeolite supplements for humans. 

    Verifying that zeolite is in a liquid zeolite product:

    "Here is a way to verify that there is no Zeolite in the liquid products: Zeolite has the ability stop diarrhea. If you or someone you know is having a bout of diarrhea, give them the liquid. If there was Zeolite in the product, it would stop the diarrhea within minutes. The liquid companies know this but they stay away from mentioning this benefit of Zeolite because it is too easy for people to verify whether it works or not. Not many people can check if a product is getting into their cell walls."  Article by Portney: story liquid Zeolite is not active.  Back to top arrowup

     Zeolite is not a total or complete solution 

    After the poisonous heavy metals and chemical pollutants have been removed from the body, there is still the issue of adjusting/restoring essential nutrients and electrolytes to satisfy the normal needs of the body. Some researchers point out that as heavy metals, like mercury and lead, are removed from the body, zeolites in turn, can restore essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

    The research on essential mineral restoration is weak or missing. This confirmation has been overlooked by those selling commercial zeolite supplements. 

    The nutritional co-factors need to be restored!  This is difficult to do in today's world that is polluted, with the conventional health care system and practice of medicine focusing on treating symptoms instead of removing the causes of health problems, and the commercial focus of food and nutritional supplements. You need to follow up the use of zeolite as a supplement by balancing the nutritional co-factors essential for preventive healthy living.  Back to top arrowup

     What can you do?    Hyman: Toxins & obesity  Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity

    Before you start detoxification, you should be aware that there are several options to cleanse your body of toxins. These options are summarized below.  Since detoxification process can be very stressful for your body, you should try to restore your body into the best health possible before starting detoxification. Start by updating your nutrition background and health related issues.

    Your body is continuously removing toxins by way of kidneys, sweating and defecation.

    There are many inexpensive and simple things you can do to help this natural cleansing action of the body: 

      1. Doing pre-post and in-between periodic urine, blood, feces and hair tests to monitor for heavy metals with your doctor is most desirable first step. Unfortunately, such monitoring procedures are not reliable at this time.  Procedures for testing for heavy metals are controversial and can be expensive. Barrett: Metal tests  Beware that some heavy metal tests can be misleading.

      2. Drink lots of water every day:  Most persons do not drink enough water, hence toxins and other body wastes can get trapped in the  kidneys. Drinking adequate amount of water helps flush out these trapped toxins.  How much water should you drink? Take your weight in pounds, divide by two and the resulting number is the amount of water, in ounces, to ingest per day. 

      3. Abstain from indulging in caffeine, alcohol and other drugs while detoxifying.

      4. Eat a well-balanced diet. This may be difficult to do, so you should focus on cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts to help the natural cleansing processes of the body.

      5. Ingest a vitamin-mineral supplement, antioxidants and take vitamins D = 2000 - 4000IU, vitamin C = 1000mgs and E.  Both vitamins C and E help neutralize many toxins as well as aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Alpha lipoic acid is another important nutrient that can not only neutralize toxins but also aids in their removal.  Zinc is also recommended.  Galland  Majority of persons are deficient in iodine; it is overlooked and you should review the update on iodine.  Best to have supplements monitored by your doctor. 

      6. Try ingesting natural products to help your body detoxify in a natural way.  For example: 

      garlic  Start eating garlic daily, the food rather than a supplement, to enhance sulfur stores.  2-3 cloves a day is an excellent idea. Make sure you CRUSH the garlic to release its active ingredients. Garlic removes mercury from the body. 




      msm  Start taking MSM. MSM [dimethyl sulfone ] is a form of sulfur which makes the cell walls more elastic, allowing easier exchange through the cell wall and which will help your body eliminate the mercury.   MSM occurs naturally in the human body as a result of the food we eat. It is a normal component of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. When foods are processed with heat or drying, most of the MSM is lost. 



      zeo_cilantro  Start taking cilantro. Cilantro [ Coriander plant or Chinese parsley ] leaves will help mobilize mercury out of the tissue so the chlorella can bind to it and allow it to be excreted from the body through the stools. Cilantro is available in most grocery stores. The leaves or berries may have an unpleasant taste and smell. Before it is used, Cilantro should be crushed, either by hand or with a mortar and pestle. Adding some lemon juice to cilantro leaves [ helps neutralize the bitter taste and odor ] in a blender makes a "pesto" that is easier to ingest.  Some persons may be allergic to cilantro.


      Chlorella1 Start taking chlorella. Chlorella is green algae high in chlorophyll content and nutrition rich. Chlorella helps the body detoxify heavy metals, speeds up healing, lowers cholesterol, enhances immunity and reduces high blood pressure.  You can mix chlorella with lemon juice to make easier to take.



      7. Exercise regularly.  Natural sweating during exercise helps eliminate toxins.

      8.detox steam Consider going to a steam bath to further enhance sweating.

      9. You should detoxify under the care of an astute medical doctor.

    Consider using zeolite after attempting all the above efforts, to help detoxify your body. It is best to prepare your body for detoxification at your own body speed with nutritional supplements.  Many body detoxification programs offer speed detoxification based on chemical processes or fasting, but this can be harsh on your body and doesn’t build healthy eating habits that will help your reduce your toxicity in the long term. Detox Plan

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     Where to buy zeolite products 

    Supplements:  Consider buying powdered zeolite supplement products that are sold on the internet.  Health food and drug stores in southern California do not sell zeolite supplements.  You are on your own when buying and using a zeolite supplement. 

    Re-useable breather bags:  The most remarkable property of zeolite is that, in rock form, it is reusable indefinitely! It is available to the public in 1 and 2 pound breather bags that can adsorb odors, mildew and gases for up to 3 months or longer, depending on the situation. After that time the bags can be brought outdoors to be desorbed. This is achieved by the action of direct sunlight on the bags for 6 hours or more. The gases and odors held in check within the rocks are now released, leaving the bags of rock zeolite fresh and clean, ready to use again and again. [ This is not the case for powder or liquid zeolite, or pet litter zeolite. ]

    Breather bags are reusable moisture and odor absorbing bags, designed for use in wardrobes, drawers, shoes, baby rooms, kitchen cupboards, laundry cupboards, clothes hampers, cars, boats, small storage rooms, your office, filing cabinets, storage boxes, camera and instrument cases, restaurant, motel rooms, in fact, any where dampness and mould could damage your valuable clothes and belongings.When it doesn't seem to be as effective, simply place in the sun for the day to recharge. Keep dry.

       Back to top arrowup


    Sorochan's motivation for investigating zeolite was to find out if zeolite was safe to use and whether zeolite really worked.  I [ Sorochan ] really think that, in spite of lacking good documentation, there is evidence that zeolite can safely remove toxins from the body and that zeolite powder, if used correctly, can be safer and less expensive than liquid zeolite.  I think I got half way there in finding out about zeolite!  The lack of a better conclusion is not an inadequate search on my part, but instead, a lack of coordinated and good research about zeolite use by humans.

    Our human bodies are overwhelmed by environmental pollutants.

    These pollutants accumulate over time, cause inflammation and pain, and compromise our immune system. We need help in removing poisonous toxins from the body and zeolite may be an inexpensive and effective way of doing so. Unfortunately, reliable bio-chemical technology for testing and removing heavy metals from the body is lacking and controversial.

    You are on your own when using zeolite products. Proceed at your own risk. Use common sense!

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    Historical - Industrial uses of Zeolite:

    The following is additional information that may be of interest to some readers. 

     Industrial uses today:   Enviromental researchers report that zeolites have been used to remove mercury from coal, Article by ZEOX: zeolite cleans coal plants is no longer active.   soils (Haidouti, 1997), flue gases (Morency et al., 2002; Jurng et al., 2002) and solutions (Filippids et al., 1996; Misaelides and Godelitsas, 1995; Zamzow et al., 1990) (Bailey et al., 1999; Sidheswaran and Bhat, 1997). Hanshew: heavy metals & Inflammation ACZnano

    Zeolites have been used in industrial applications for decades.  Zeolites have a number of common agricultural and industrial uses such as preserving food, removing odor and adsorbing chemicals:  Article by Wiki: zeolite is no longer active.  Valdez: Applications   Mumpton: magic rock   Article about Results RNA Research: Mercury removal is no longer active.  Article about ZEOX: zeolite cleans coal plants is no longer active.

    • used to adsorb gases as well as metals.
    • used for water purification and softening.
    • used in crude oil cracking and oil refining.
    • used to adsorb ammonia from municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.
    • used as an energy exchanger in a solar-powered refrigerator.
    • used to carry out hydroponics projects.
    • make up part of the substrate in a hydroponics lab on a future space station.
    • used as a supplement in animal diets.
    • used to adsorb odors [urine] from pet litters.
    • used in deodorants, in anti-mycotic agents.
    • used as a substitute for phosphates in detergents.
    • used to trap nuclear waste within blocks of zeolite, providing a safer medium for storage.
    • used to purify the air and remove allergens in heating and air conditioning units.
    • used to eliminate freezer and refrigerator odors and moisture.
    • used to adsorb toxins such as bacterial odors, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, etc..  Back to top arrowup

     Ancient uses of zeolites: 

    Western cowboy movies depict native Indians rubbing clay dirt over their wounds that purported to heal the wounded and sick.  Below is a quote from Dr. Weston Price and his observations of a similar happening:

    "... I have asked for the privilege of seeing what they carried in their knapsacks. ... among this group in the Andes, among those in central Africa, and among the Aborigines of Australia, each knapsack contained a ball of clay, a little of which was dissolved in water. Into this they dipped their morsels of food while eating. ... to prevent "sick stomach".”
    Source; Nutrition and Physical Degeneration; Weston A. Price
      Article about Zeolite remidies is no longer active.

    zeolitenaples Devitrified volcanic ash [causing (a glassy material) to become crystalline and brittle} and altered tuff [ rock made of zeolite material ] have been used for 2,000 years as lightweight dimension stone by ancient Romans. Mumpton: magic rock  The Romans also used zeolite to purify their water. 

    Zeolite tuff material has low bulk density, high porosity, and homogeneous, close-knit texture that contributes to the material being easily sawed or cut into inexpensive building blocks. Several examples to illustrate zeolite-tuff use as building blocks:

    Mexico:  Many Zapotec buildings near Oaxaca, Mexico, were constructed of blocks of massive, clinoptilolite tuff, which is still used for public buildings in the region. Mumpton: magic rock

    zeolite ranchhouseItaly:  The easily cut and fabricated chabazite- and phillipsite-rich tuffo giallo napolitano in central Italy has also been used since Roman times in construction, and the entire city of Naples seems to be built out of it. Numerous cathedrals and public buildings in central Europe were built from zeolitic tuff quarried in the Laacher See area of Germany. Mumpton: magic rock

    United States:  Early ranch houses in the American West were built with blocks of locally quarried erionite; they were cool and did not crumble in the arid climate.  Mumpton: magic rock 

    History of Zeolite Use Article about History is no longer active.  Bekkum: textbook

    •  B.C. —   Used in Roman Aqua Ducts to purify the water & construct buildings
    • 1755  —  Rediscovered by a Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrick Cronstedt
    • 1960’s — Mentioned in scientific circles in Europe and U.S.
    • 1970’s — Used for wastewater ammonia removal
    • 1980’s — Used to clarify pool water in Europe and then in USA
    • 1986 ---   Chernobyl radioactivity removal
    • 1990’s — Used in agriculture and with cattle and poultry and began to be sold as a supplement for detoxifying the human body
    • 2000’s — Many companies are now marketing zeolite in numerous products
    • 2011 --- Used to neutralize the radiation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan Back to top arrowup

     Zeolite used in nuclear disasters: 

    Zeolite is commonly used in the nuclear power industry to prevent radionuclide’s from escaping radiation waste disposal sites. [ Radioactive Waste: Production, Storage, Disposal (NUREG/BR-0216 ],   According to Tomihisa Ota, a professor at Kanazawa University, the Japanese have studied zeolite and have made formulas with it to remove radioactive substances such as iodine, caesium and strontium. Ota said his experiments proved the powder can remove almost 100 percent of caesium when 1.5 grams of the powder are mingled with 100 milliliters of water in which caesium has been dissolved at a density of 1-10 parts per million. The tests also confirmed that the powder can remove iodine and strontium.   Article about Zeolite remidies is no longer active.

    At the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Richland, Washington, radioactive strontium-90 (Sr 90 ) and cesium-137 (Cs 137 ) have been removed from radioactive waste solutions by passing them through tanks packed with the natural zeolite clinoptilolite. 

    Three Mile Island nuclear power plant disaster March 28, 1979:  First did you know that clinoptilolite was used at Three Mile Island to clean up radioactive wastes long before Chernobyl ever happened?  Information about this use is not available on the internet.

    Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986: This disaster released thirty to forty times the radioactivity of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The main radioactive isotopes from the Chernobyl accident were 137Cs, 134Cs, 90Sr, and 89Sr. About 500,000 tons of zeolite rock powder, mainly containing clinoptilolite, were processed from various deposits in Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia and used at Chernobyl.   Article about history is no longer active.History   Mumpton: magic rock

    Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster March 11, 2011: Recently, the zeolite mineral has gained a substantial amount of popularity because of its successful use in the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in Japan. The zeolites were dumped into the water surrounding the plant in order to absorb toxins from the water in order to prevent dispersion.  

    Radiation:  A mixture of synthetic zeolite A and natural chabazite from Bowie, Az, was used to take up Sr and Cs, respectively, from contaminated waters at Three Mile Island, PA. Mumpton: magic rock

    Clinoptilolite currently is used to remove Sr and Cs from low-level effluents from a nuclear power plant before they are released to the Irish Sea at Sellafield, U.K., and to capture these isotopes from leaking repository containers at West Valley, NY.  Mumpton: magic rock

    Zeolites added to soils reduced nuclear fallout; that is, the uptake of 137Cs by pasture plants in the vicinity of Chernobyl (55), and dietary zeolite reduced sorption of radiocesium by sheep fed fallout-contaminated rations in Scotland.  Mumpton: magic rock  Back to top arrowup


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    Biomedical applications of zeolites include their use as detoxicants and decontaminants, as vaccine adjuvants, and as antibacterial agents. They are also used for delayed release drug delivery, as antitumor adjuvants, as antidiarrheal agents, in hemodialysis, to improve bone formation, and in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. There are plenty of peer reviewed scientific studies showing the significant benefits of zeolites including the strong research currently underway in anti-cancer studies with promising results. Unfortunately, there are some health supplement companies that do not use sound science, material sourcing and process protocol to ensure a quality product. It is advised that the consumers do their homework and practice discernment when considering use of zeolite for alternative medicine. The most promising form of zeolite for alternative medicine is micronized zeolite clinoptilolite in liquid form.

    There is currently a consorted effort by the Pharmaceutical companies to suppress such research and information through the FDA. Healthy people mean less profit for the Pharm Industry. For more information see Codex Alimentaris.

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    "Efficiency of heavy metal removal via clinoptilolite is affected by several factors related to the material and the metal ion or the solution, such as pH of solution, temperature at which reaction takes place, hydrated radii of heavy metal ions, pretreatment applied to the material, which aims to improve ion exchange ability of material."

    "The primary building block of the zeolite framework is the tetrahedron, the centre of which is occupied by a silicon or aluminum atom, with four atoms of oxygen at the vertices (Figure 2.1a). Each oxygen atom is shared between two tetrahedrons and the tetrahedrons form a continuous framework (Figure 2.1b). Substitution of Si4+ by Al3+ defines the negative charge of the framework, which is compensated by monovalent or divalent cations located together with water molecules in structural channels. Cations in the channels are substituted easily and therefore they are termed as exchange or extra-framework cations, whereas Si4+ and Al3+ are not exchanged under ordinary conditions and are termed as tetrahedral or framework cations"

    "extra-framework cations are weakly bonded to zeolite structure and that they are mobile, they can be removed from zeolite structure or exchanged readily by solution cations. The theoretical cation exchange capacity (TCEC) of zeolite is basically a function of the amount of Al3+ that substitutes for Si4+ in the framework tetrahedral."

    "The potential environmental applications of zeolites can be given as:  Radioactive waste treatment (Abusafa and Yücel, 2002; Dyer and Zubair, 1998; Faghihian et al., 1999; Gennaro et al., 2003; Shahwan et al., 2005; Um and Papelis, 2004),  + 4 NH removal from municipal wastewaters (Langella et al., 2000; Cincotti et al., 2001, Watanabe et al., 2003; Sarıoglu, 2005; Du et al., 2005; Ramos et al., 2004),  Heavy metal removal from industrial effluents (Ouki and Kavannagh, 1999; Mier et al., 2001; Langella et al., 2000; Cincotti et al., 2001; Curkovic et al.,1997; Blanchard et al.,1984; Peric et al., 2004; Semmens and Seyfarth, 1978),  Air pollution control (Khulbe et al., 1994; Axente et al., 1983; Ackley et al., 2003)."

    "Together with ion exchange, adsorption and surface precipitation, dissolution of zeolites is also a process involved in heavy metal uptake by zeolites."

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    Understanding the causes of the growing prevalence of obesity worldwide is a major challenge for medical and scientific communities. The origins of this epidemic of syndromes linked to being overweight are still vague, but are related to recent changes in lifestyles and nutrition, as well as environmental exposures. Indeed, accumulating data suggest an important role for toxicology in the etiology of obesity

    Baillie-Hamilton (2002) proposed a hypothesis, at the time somewhat provocative, to explain the global obesity epidemic. This notion emphasized the fact that the current exponential increase of obesity cases could not be justified only by alterations of food intake and a lack of physical activity. Others investigators argued that genetic predisposition could be a major component resulting in obesity. However, Baillie-Hamilton (2002) raised the objection that the human genome cannot have undergone particularly important mutations over the last decades, and underlined that the correlation between enhanced accumulation of environmental industrial chemicals and increase of obesity incidence might not be a simple coincidence./p>

    Today, certain chemical pollutants were reported to induce weight gain by (1) disrupting the energy balance controlling systems (including hormones regulating energy expenditure and food intake), (2) altering tissue sensitivity to some neurotransmitters, or (3) disturbing the activity of the autonomous nervous system. For example, many synthetic chemicals are used to increase livestock weight and are consequently found downstream in the food chain (Heindel and vom Saal 2009).

    Examples of such EDC comprise heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, PCB, organic phosphates, phthalates, organotins, diethylstilbestrol (DES), and bisphenol A (BPA). These substances, now termed “obesogens,” target various endocrine axes, generally involving nuclear receptors (NR), including sex steroid receptors, the retinoic acid receptors (RXR), the gamma peroxisome proliferator receptor (PPARγ), or the glucocorticoid receptor (GR), all affecting directly or indirectly adipocyte physiology and more generally the regulation of energy homeostasis (Aubert et al. 2009; Prior and Armitage 2009).

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    "Mercury sorption with zeolite was found to be rapid, reversible, first order reaction.  Laboratory tests on mercury removal from the effluent from copper smelter and refinery showed the potential applicability of this method in the treatment that was confirmed by the full-scale tests. Mercury was removed below the level regulated by environmental pollution directives in streams of treated effluents that is 0.2 mg/kg."

    "The mechanism of adsorption by zeolites was found to be ion-exchange. In the three dimensional structure there are large channels containing negatively charged sites resulting from Al3 þ replacement of Si4þ in the O4 tetrahedral–linked by sharing oxygen atoms in rings and cages-cavities occupied by cations which are weakly held in the structure to compensate the charge imbal­ance"

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    "In Croatia, five critically ill cancer patients demonstrated significant improvement in their symptoms and condition after taking large doses (10 to 20 grams or more a day) of Megamin.

    In 1998 and 1999 in Croatia, 114 cancer patients were followed with the Megamin treatment protocol. Terminal brain cancer patients showed some improvement in their condition within 3 to 4 weeks. Almost all of forty lung cancer patients showed decreased pain and improved respiration within the same time frame. Fifty-three Patients with terminal gastrointestinal cancers improved at a much slower rate.

    Several other small groups of cancer patients in Austria or Croatia were treated with Megamin therapy and their results documented. In many cases p to 16 grams of micronized zeolite was given to the cancer patients in combinations of capsules and powder. Many of the patients chose to take the Megamin as their only therapy, refusing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

    One of the patients with cancer of the larynx, taking the high amounts of Megamin listed above, experienced a decrease in the diameter of their tumor from 10 mm to 3 mm within nine months. The tumor also stabilized and became inactive.

    A group of 16 cancer patients were treated by doctors at the Svecnjak Polyclinic with only Megamin therapy for a period of three years. At the end of the three years, 13 (81%) of the patients were in complete remission. This patient group included: 3 liver cancers, 4 metastatic melanoma, 2 bronchial carcinoma, 1 bladder cancer, and 1 hepatocellular carcinoma. The other 3 patients had obtained partial remission and stabilization of their cancers (2 lung cancer and 1 breast cancer).

    In a second group of 16 cancer patients that added Megamin onto their traditional treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, half of the group, 8 patients, experienced complete remission. The other 8 patients experienced partial remission and disease stabilization."

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    Zeolite Nutrition, "Removing Toxic Metals from Your Body," Recommend NCD  Article about Zeolite Nutrition: removing toxic metals is no longer active. The official medically-approved method for removing heavy metals from our bodies is through a process called chelation. Generally, chelation is prescribed for most common cases of mercury or lead poisoning in both adults and children. Chelation usually uses a chemical called EDTA, which has open spaces ("claws", which, in Greek, is the origin of the name "chelate") within its molecule to trap metal atoms. There are, however, some shortcomings to traditional chelation: First, it is most effective given intravenously, which requires clinical supervision, and second, it does not remove metals from certain important organs, like the kidneys. We recommend a better and more modern method, also proven by clinical trials.

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    Zeolite Characteristics:

    The zeolite structure can also be visualized below as a molecular structure:

    zeolite characteristics

    The example above of three-dimensional framework of zeolites consists of AlO4 and SiO4 tetrahedra linked to each other by the sharing of oxygen ions.   Article by Mravec: zeo properties & uses is no longer active.

    Pore size: They exhibit pore sizes from 0.3 - 0.8nm, and pore volumes from 0.10 to 0.35 cc/g.

    zeolite pore sizes

    There is also a zeolite Mordenite that has extra-large-pore zeolites (fourteen-ring pores) with free pore diameter 0.8—1.0 nm ( e.g. UTD-1).

    Typical zeolite pore sizes shown in figure above.  They include small pore zeolites with 8-ring pores with free diameters of 0.30 - 0.45 nm, e.g. zeolite A; medium pore zeolites formed by a ten ring, 0.45 - 0.60 nm in free diameter, e.g., ZSM-5; and large pore zeolites with 12-ring pores, -0.8 nm, e.g., zeolites X and Y.  The molecular sieve effect is for Ca A zeolite with 8-ring pore of oxygens. 

    Temperature change changes the size of pores. Pore size also changes with Si/Al ratio.  High silica sieves encourage hydropholic activity [ pick up water and toxics  ] while high hydrophilic in low & intermediate silica zeolite pores or remove water.    Bekkum: zeolie pores 

    The chemical formula for clinoptilolite, a common natural zeolite is:

    (Na3K3)(Al6Si40)O96 • 24H2O

    Atoms or cations (i.e., charged metal atoms) within the second set of parentheses are known as structural atoms, because with oxygen they make up the rigid framework of the structure. Those within the first set of parentheses are known as exchangeable ions, because they can be replaced (exchanged) more or less easily with other cations in aqueous solution, without affecting the aluminosilicate framework. This phenomenon is known as ion exchange, or more commonly cation exchange. The exchange process involves replacing one singly-charged exchangeable atom in the zeolite by one singly-charged atom from the solution or replacing two singly-charged exchangeable atoms in the zeolite by one doubly-charged atom from the solution. The magnitude of such cation exchange in a given zeolite is known as its cation-exchange capacity (CEC) and is commonly measured in terms of moles of exchangeable cation per gram (or 100 grams) of zeolite or in terms of equivalents of exchangeable cations per gram (or 100 grams) of zeolite.

    The zeolite traps small, highly-charged particles that fit through the pores and channels of the zeolite cage. The SiO4 units are electrically neutral, but each AlO4 unit carries a negative charge, creating fixed, negatively charged sites throughout the crystal structure. The negative charges of the AlO4 units are balanced by the presence of exchangeable, positively charged metals known as cations. These positively charged cations usually consist of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron. These ions are only loosely held and can be readily displaced by other substances, such as toxic heavy metals, microorganisms and free radicals. This phenomenon is known as cationic exchange, and it is this very high cationic exchange capacity of zeolites which provides for many of their useful properties.

    In their chemical makeup, zeolites are a lot like clay, in that they are both made up of aluminum, silica and oxygen. However, there is an important difference in their structure. Many types of clay have a layered crystalline structure (similar to a deck of cards) and are subject to shrinking and swelling as water is absorbed and removed between the layers. In contrast, zeolites have a rigid, 3-dimensional crystalline structure (similar to a honeycomb) consisting of a network of interconnected tunnels and cages. Water moves freely in and out of these pores but the zeolite’s framework remains rigid. Another special aspect of this structure is that the pore and channel sizes are nearly uniform, allowing the crystal to act as a molecular sieve.

    Research has shown that the smaller the diameter of the metal and the higher the charge of the metal, the greater the affinity it has for the activated liquid zeolite. Higher charges simply increase the strength of binding with higher binding characteristics. The small size allows for deeper access into the zeolite pores with more points of coordination (attachment). Larger atoms do not fit into the zeolite cage as well and so are more easily exchanged for higher-affinity metals.

    As an example of this phenomenon, arsenic has a charge of +3 and an atomic radius of approximately 1.8 angstroms, while potassium has a charge of only +1 and an atomic radius of approximately 2.8 angstroms. The arsenic binds with very high affinity for the zeolite while the potassium has no affinity whatsoever. It just so happens that the most toxic metals are those with a small radius and high ionic charges. The healthy minerals and electrolytes tend to have larger size with smaller ionic charges.

    The clinoptilolite binds a variety of toxins. This includes heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, etc..), nitrosamines and others. Cationic exchange is an entirely passive process – when the zeolite is in close proximity to these high-affinity compounds, they will be drawn to the zeolite and either absorbed into the cage or adsorbed onto the surface of the zeolite. There is no chemical activity in this process. The zeolite will not be drawn to compounds in an effort to 'rip' metals away from them. In other words, the zeolite will not pull metals that are sequestered inside tissue or bone. If, on the other hand, the tissue has already released free metals into the system, the zeolite will have the ability to trap and remove it. Waiora: zeolite research studies

    zeolite compasison metal sizes

    The higher the negative charge the higher the CEC. The higher the CEC the stronger the attraction and the more cations and other positively charged molecules that can be held in the cages.  Back to top arrowup