Radiation Fukushima fries West Coast 2014 
By Walter Sorochan

Posted January 13, 2014  Updated January 14, 2014.  Disclaimer

This is the most recent update about the radiation fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  The quadruple-explosion, triple-meltdown accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan, after March 11, 2011, is the world’s second-worst nuclear disaster, after the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe. 

There is controversy about the above sensational headline report that the radiation found and recorded on a California beach is a fallout from Fukushima [ video below ].  Indeed there is evidence that similar radiation levels were documented over 50 years ago on California beaches.  Beach radiation appears to be a natural phenomenon.  Safecast: Beach radiation 2014  Canada: Radiation Fact sheet 2013

Going back to 1959, Tracing Coastal Sediment Movement By Naturally Radioactive Minerals is a report by Kamel & Johnson, from UC Berkeley, which states “This radioactive thorium is added naturally at discrete places along the coast where rivers flowing through thorium rich granite out-crops reach the coast or where the thorium rich granite itself outcrops at the sea coast.”  Safecast: Beach radiation 2014

The public alarm about all of this was the video below about a health official walking around Pacifica State Beach outside of San Francisco [ December, 23, 2013 ] with his Geiger counter radiation detector. At times, the monitor on the Geiger counter shows radiation of 150 counts-per-minute [CPM], or the equivalent of around five times what is typically found in that type of background environment [ about 30 CPM ].  Sircus: Radiation of California beach 2014  Radiation Increase on beach 2014 

rense.com originally published this video

The levels seen on the beach in the above video are about 500 percent increase over accepted background radiation. At that increased level the danger is not immediate; but it is a long time life continuous and cumulative type of exposure.  Low level exposure takes decades often to develop problems that can eventually be felt.  Sircus: Radiation of California beach 2014  All radiation is dangerous and cannot be dismissed.

 What do some experts say about all of this? 

Gundersen: Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen Gunderssn: West coast risks 2014    discusses the risk to the US West Coast population from the ongoing releases from Fukushima Daiichi. Should we be worried about walking by or swimming in the Pacific? How safe are California’s beaches? What about eating Pacific seafood? The upshot, in Gundersen's presentation is that, while all exposure to radiation is hazardous and cumulative, it's still OK to jog along a California beach on a foggy morning and even to swim in the Pacific Ocean .... but he does warn us not to eat Pacific-caught fish, until a reliable system of checking the bio-accumulation of hot particles in seafood, guaranteeing its safety has been put into place.  Gundersen: West coast risks 2014 

Fairlie has done extensive research about Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters. The air emissions from Fukushima are much more important, in terms of health effects, than Fukushima’s sea discharges.

Fairlie calculated future cancer deaths from Fukushima radiation. He alerts us that considerable uncertainties surround his estimates and that these estimates should only be used as rough guides. The overall interim conclusion, based on incomplete data, is that estimated collective doses and fatal cancers from Fukushima are about an order of magnitude lower than those from Chernobyl.   Fairlie: effects of Fukushima 2013

"This assessment is restricted to the population in Fukushima Prefecture [ total picture ]; as not enough information is yet available to estimate collective doses to other areas in Japan, to neighboring countries and to the Northern hemisphere. However these collective doses will be considerable and should be added to the total for Fukushima Prefecture."  Fairlie: effects of Fukushima 2013 

Other evidence of radiation:  Ocean life is very sensitive to radiation.  The sardines are suddenly disappearing from Monterey Bay and anchovies in droves now. 32 baby seal pup deaths on the beach in PG this year with a norm of 2-3 a year. Highly toxic seafood warning last week on Monterey Bay seafood that means mussels, clams and scallops.  Radiation Increase on beach 2014  NBC Nightly News reports that a mass die-off of starfish up and down the West Coast of North America. Benson: Starfish deaths 2013  There have been widespread reports of mysterious injury to Alaskan seals.  More than a year ago, 15 out of 15 bluefin tuna tested in California waters were contaminated with radioactive cesium from Fukushima.  Associated Press reports that both scientists and native elders in British Columbia say that sockeye numbers have plummeted: Sockeye salmon returns plunge to historic lows.  Every single pacific herring examined by a biologist in Canada was found to be hemorrhaging blood.  ENENews reports  There’s something very odd happening in the ocean and in the waters around B.C. — sea creatures are behaving strangely. Governments always cover up the extent of nuclear and other disasters for which they were partially responsible.  Consumer Reports: Mass Die-Off of West Coast Sealife 2013  Snyder: Sea life deaths 2013

All these ocean life reports give credibility, as circumstantial evidence, to the suspicion that radiation is probably happening on the west coast. 

Related news items generally being kept from the American people:  Whiteout Press Fukushima poisoning USA 2012

  • Tests by Cal State University Long Beach on California’s Kelp population found the fish caught just off the Orange County coast had levels of radio-isotopes 250 times higher than before the Japanese nuclear accident. Scientific American 3/30/12.
  • US grass, hay and milk is contaminated with more than double the legal amount of radiation. 3 recent studies of milk purchased in San Francisco found all three batches contaminated with radio-isotopes. Scientists explained that milk will have a long-term contamination rate (2-30 years depending on specifics), because the nuclear fallout infects the grass and hay that dairy cows eat for years. Energy News 4/16/12.
  • Rainwater falling throughout the US has tested positive for radiation poisoning at 131 times the government recognized safe level. As scientists point out, ‘the rainwater coats the grass that cows eat, thus infecting the cow’s milk with radiation poisoning’. BayCitizen.org.
  • 100 million tons of radiation-infected debris is continually washing ashore on America’s west coast. Items traveling the 4,500 mile distance across the Pacific took 280 days to begin hitting the US after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and include a wide array of debris including, ‘wrecked fishing vessels to household furniture and even body parts.’ UK Daily Mail 12/16/11.

Read more about this cover-up radiation danger from Japan as a result of the 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors at:  Sircus: Radiation of California beach 2014 

Additional information about the consequences of radiation fallout from the Japanese nuclear energy plants disaster  and preventive measures using iodine

 ALERT:   Despite the controversy, the mainstream media and our government are not telling us the truth about the radiation fallout.  Sircus: Radiation of California beach 2014 Swimming in the Pacific Ocean and eating fish caught from the Pacific may be a thing in the past. And it's only going to get worse, as it's currently unstoppable. But the sensational Geiger count measurements are very weak evidence at this time. Fairlie: effects of Fukushima 2013

You should be aware that no one at this time really knows where the high radiation on the San Francisco beach area is coming from!  Or whether it is radiation that is actually killing sea life.  But there is good scientific evidence that the radiation fallout from Fukushima nuclear plant disaster has been moving westward toward the North American coast via water and air.  We honestly don’t know the cause or causes of the unusual behavior in ocean life, and are only certain of four things:

1. Contact your local political representatives in the U.S. and Canadian governments to demand that they provide extensive testing funds to figure out what’s really going on, and then publicly release the results. 

2. Contact your government representatives and demand that they legislate for a safer, more efficient and inexpensive way to replace current nuclear energy plants with next-generation thorium power!  Avoid building more uranium nuclear power plants. 

3. Take precaution and avoid eating sea food caught on the west coast. 

4. Begin preventive measure to deal with possible Fukushima radiation:  You need to become informed about detoxifying radiation toxins from your body.  Check out spirulina and iodine

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