Radiation Fallout from Fukushima Japan 

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In the wake of the tragic events that have taken place in Japan this year, many questions have been raised regarding radiation that could possibly be leaked from the Nuclear Power Plants that have been damaged in the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan. To make matters worse, there have been continuous new explosions at the Fukushima power plants.

The nuclear power plant disasters in Japan reminded the world about the nuclear plant disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986.  But the Japanese nuclear plant disaster is considered by nuclear scientists to be much more serious than that of Chernobyl. McNeill: Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl   Interestingly, initial reports about Japan's nuclear accident alerted people throughout the world that iodine can be used as a medication for persons poisoned by radiation while suppressing the real dangers of Japan's fallout.  Now many persons are suddenly embracing iodine in hopes that it will save them from possible nuclear radiation exposure.

The truth of this panic is that they do not need to take iodine if they have not been exposed to radiation.  And if they have been exposed then they should be taking potassium iodide under a medical doctor's care.    Even if people were to ingest iodine as a preventative measure, it probably would not work because of being exposed to environmental-industrial halogens that would prevent adequate iodine absorption.  [ Refer to Iodine for more information about dangers of halogens ]  And no, the American and Canadian public has not been told of this absorption limitation!

nuclear-cont symbol The emission of radioactive iodine and cesium-137  particles into the air from Japan's nuclear power plant disaster should be a major concern to all North Americans. 

However, North Americans should also be concerned about the increasing amount of radiation exposure today as compared to 20 years ago.  The illustration below illustrated this nicely:

Rad increase USA
Meder: Radiation fundamentals

This article explores the Nuclear disaster in Japan, updates information about the radiation fallout, possible preventive measures and possible dangers to residents in the North American continent. 

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 Radiation particle fallout from Japan

 Up-Dated Japanese Nuclear Fallout: 

May 21, 2012: 

Dr. Michio Kaku, physicist, gives following update on the state of the Fukushima Nuclear plants: 
"Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge; it’s near the tipping point. "A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion could tip it over and we could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. It’s like a sleeping dragon.” Kaku explains that just in the last few weeks it has been reported to some degree that Units 2, 3 and 4 have been shown to be in a very dire situation. Unit 2 is completely liquefied, something that’s never been seen in the history of nuclear power, a 100% liquefaction of a uranium core. Unit 4, on the other hand, has an even worse problem as it’s a spent-fuel pond that is totally uncovered because of a hydrogen explosion that took place last year."  Sircus: Fokushima forever, 2012

August 13, 2011:  "Radioactive material is still leaking from the plant nearly five months later, and last week workers at the plant discovered the hottest radioactive spot seen since the disaster began. The radiation levels -- 10,000 millisieverts per hour -- are high enough that a single 60-minute dose would be fatal to humans within weeks."  Sircus: latest fallout news

June 2, 2011: International Atomic Energy Commission report: IAEC: update report

April 14, 2011:  The decision to raise the alert level to 7 [ on April 14, 2011, amounts to an admission that the accident is likely to have substantial and long-lasting consequences for health and for the environment. “Radiation is continuing to leak out of the reactors, the situation is not stable at all, radiation continues to leak,” says Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and top graduate of Harvard. “We are looking at a ticking time-bomb. It appears stable but the slightest disturbance, a secondary earthquake, a pipe break, evacuation of the crew at Fukushima could set off a full scale melt down at three nuclear power stations–far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl.” Source: Mark Sircus, "Exposure Levels Going Up Everywhere," Dr. Sircus' Blog.,  April 14, 2011.  Sircus: Preventing radiation in Japan Oct_2011

October 15, 2011:  Chris Busby of England updates Japan on what to do to reduce the risk of radiation damage from the contamination from the Strontium-90, Uranium and Plutonium dispersed widely over northern Japan.  First of all, evacuate the children and evacuate yourselves. The contamination of the ground and the food is a serious health hazard. Car air filter analysis shows the material on the ground becomes airborne and can be inhaled. Get away If you can; but if not not then you can reduce the access of these radionuclides to the DNA. It is basic Physical Chemistry that increasing the Calcium concentration, (Calcium which stabilizes the DNA phosphate backbone), will inhibit the equilibrium binding of radionuclides like Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium and other high DNAP affinity elements and complex ions. The Iodine thyroid blocking method is based on the same thermodynamic chemical equilibrium idea. A number of websites have been selling pills based on his ideas and more are being set up but it is straightforward, he says, to buy Calcium/ Magnesium tablets from health food shops/stores where they are not expensive. The adult dose is about 800mg Calcium and 350mg Magnesium. Reduce the dose for children in proportion to their relative weight, so for a 10-year old, about 400mg Calcium and 175mg Magnesium. This is a critical issue: it will save lives and it is so simple and is absolutely harmless.  Sircus Mark," Magnesium & Calcium Protect DNA from Radiation," Dr. Sircus' Blog, November 05, 2011.   Sircus: Radiation getting worse  to top arrowup

 Radiation Fall out from Japan 

Date posted April 28, 2011  Disclaimer

"Japanese Radiation is a matter of life or death" by Bisby

Sircus: Radioactivity cover-up: Interview with a foremost nuclear scientist. Dr. Chris Busby is the number one most trusted scientist in the world on nuclear radiation and the implications are stupendous.  Bushby: radiation risk in Fukushima   This is so bad that they cannot talk about it in the media at all and that’s exactly what they are doing, not talking at all. When Busby says this is a serious matter he is meaning serious in terms of life and death.

Arnie Gundersen - Fukushima Updates: Fairewinds vs. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - April 25, 2011

Discussion about the cover up radiation fallout from Japan and the lack of honesty [ transparency ] about United States nuclear power plant dangers.

Reference source:

Sircus Mark, "Radioactive Jet Streams," Dr. Sircus' Blog, April 28, 2011.  Sircus: Nuclear fallout Japan   Back to top arrowup

 Tokyo & Japan in perspective: 

Numerous reports indicate that the world is not getting the complete story about the status of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.  As a result the projections about the disaster are tentative, incomplete and controversial. 

Professor Paddy Regan, Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Surrey, puts the "danger" to Tokyo in perspective.

"Tokyo is approx 200km from the edge of the Fukushima site. This means that, assuming that any radiation is spread out evenly if was to get airborne, the dose of radiation would be 1 part in approximately 40,000 of that seen at the edge of the plant (assuming that the edge of the plant is 1 km from the source). If this radiation was kept up at this level for a full year (also extremely unlikely), this would translate to an ADDITIONAL dose of approximately 0.2 mSv/year for people in Tokyo (or about the same as a chest X-ray and about 1/10th of the annual dose UK people get from the environment).

Even the max values quoted so far (spikes at approx 200 msV/hour briefly at one of the reactors) translate to a maximum of approx 40 mSv per year which is approx 20msV, but still below the dose likely to cause significant increases in cancer."  Refer below for more info about interpreting radiation dosage and "mSV".

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 Read more: Crisis in Fukushima as it happened  to top arrowup

 Cover-up of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Fallout Forecasts Exposed! 

Numerous reporters have claimed that there has been an orchestrated cover-up about the seriousness of the Japanese nuclear plant fallout.  Higgins:fallout coverup exposure  Sircus: Nuclear fallout Japan  Sircus: Radioactivity cover-up   Darce Keith article in San Diego Union  McNeill: Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

Reporter Alexander Harris claims that several censored radiation forecasts have been found but were never released to the public. Higgins:fallout coverup exposure

"We [ reporter Harris ] now have for the first time a side by side comparison of two radiation fallout forecasts. On the left is the censored version released to the public downplaying the levels of radiation spreading around the world. On the right is the same uncensored forecast."


So.... The cover-up of the dangers of the Japanese nuclear fallout follow the strategy of political Chernobyl cover-ups in Russia:

"From the first day, officials downplayed the damages of the catastrophe and the politics of misinformation continues: A UN report estimates that 4,000 people will eventually succumb to cancer-related illnesses as the result of the accident. But major environmental organizations have accused the report of whitewashing Chernobyl's impact and state that more than 100,000 people have already died as a consequence of the disaster." Huffington Post: Chernobyl: 25 Years later;

Medical doctor and founding president of Physicians for Social Responsibility and the author of seven books, including Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, made a presentation to the Global Research and the Montreal antiwar collective Échec à la Guerre on March 12, 2011:

"WHO drew up an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency. A clause of this agreement says the WHO effectively grants the right of prior approval over any research it might undertake or report on to the IAEA - a group that many people, including journalists, think is a neutral watchdog, but which is, in fact, an advocate for the nuclear power industry. Its founding papers state: "The agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity through the world." The WHO's subjugation to the IAEA is widely known within the scientific radiation community."  Helen Caldicott: apologists Back to top arrowup

 What to do about possible fallout from Japanese nuclear disaster? 

The principal elements that have been released from reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant are iodine 131, cesium 137 and trace amounts of plutonium.

There are different forms of cesium and some are extremely dangerous because their half-life can last for millions of years.  The cesium 137 form, that is of concern in the Japanese nuclear power plant, is perhaps less dangerous because it has a half life of 30 years compared to the longer half-life of other cesium forms. It travels easily through the food chain. Cesium-137  [ C-137 ] is a major radionuclide in spent nuclear fuel, high-level radioactive wastes resulting from the processing of spent nuclear fuel, and radioactive wastes associated with the operation of nuclear reactors and fuel reprocessing plants. C-137 is the radiation that has fallen around the Japanese nuclear power plant and has contaminated soil, water and air.

Iodine 131 [ I-131 ] has a half-life of 8 days.  I-131 is being transported by the North Pacific jet-stream, across the Pacific ocean and to the North American continent. Iodine-131 continues to decay as it is swept up by the jet stream.  Hence, the amount of I-131 falling on North American soil and having an affect on North Americans is insignificant, because it will decay as it arrives.  But there is no level of radiation that can be considered safe.  

Medical doctor Gena Pennington recommends the following for North Americans:

"Do NOT take potassium iodide.  It is probably a good idea to eat seaweed, iodized salt and ocean fish.  Generally potassium iodide is only indicated for people who are very close to nuclear explosions.  It has a short half-life and if we are lucky here on the North Coast, we won’t need to take it.  The dose protective against radioactive iodide can cause harm. Persons with shellfish allergies should not take it at all!

Because we will be exposed to heavy metals: uranium, calcium, strontium and plutonium (if the reactor with plutonium is not contained), it is a good idea to take calcium citrate (a (and only the citrate form works) to “chelate” the heavy metals out of the body.  The heavy metals are hooked onto the citrate and are excreted from the body.

The adult dose for calcium citrate is 500 mg. three times a day.  It won’t work to take it all at once as the body can only absorb 500 mg. at a time. Children three to 12 years old:  400 mg two times a day. Infants three years old:  200 mg two times a day."  Pennington: No PI

The key point of Pennington's advice is that the thyroid gland, when starving for iodine, is going to absorb whatever iodine is available to it, including I-131; unless another form of iodine, like potassium iodide, is more available.

Assuming that you have been exposed to radiation [ any strength as from an x-ray, cell-phone, air travel or cat scan or radiation fallout ], the radiation particles are inside your body.  You need to get rid of these poisons as quickly as you can.  You can get help from good nutrition and supplements, calcium citrate, or zeolite. 

*** Zeolite is a breakthrough supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body. Zeolite is also very effective in removing radiation, as shown in the cleanup after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The people showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite! Continued use shows increased benefits.   Health zeolite

Private testing for radiation in your local area may be advisable. Trust what you find more than what others tell you!   Back to top arrowup

 Potassium Iodide  [ KI ] is used to block uptake of radioactive iodine-131 in the thyroid gland in persons exposed to radiation fallout. It is also used to treat persons with acute thyrotoxicosis.  Wiki: iodine  ATA: Iodine Need for radiated persons

Nuclear reactor accident like the Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan, does not explode like a nuclear weapon. The isotopic signature of bomb fallout is very different from the fallout from a serious power reactor accident [ such as Chernobyl ]. The key differences are in volatility and half-life.  Wikipedia: nuclear fallout

The major radiation danger for the majority of persons affected by Fukushima particle fallout is assumed to be iodine-131.  But since most Japanese consume large amounts of iodine from eating sea plants, then their thyroid gland should be loaded with iodine.  This means that the thyroid gland would not be thirsty for more iodine and thus would reject I-131.  Back to top arrowup

Iodine-131 is a component of nuclear fallout. Iodine-131 escapes from damaged nuclear plants as a gas, and this is why it disperses so quickly through the atmosphere. It is captured as a gas in atmospheric water, falls to the earth in rain and enters the water supply. It is a particularly dangerous one due to the thyroid gland's propensity to concentrate [ absorb ] ingested iodine, where it is kept for periods longer than this isotope's radiological half life of eight days. For this reason, if people expect to be exposed to a significant amount of environmental radioactive iodine (iodine-131 in fallout), they may be instructed to take non-radioactive potassium iodide tablets. Ingesting KI gives the thyroid gland a priority to absorb KI over I-131.

The typical adult dose is one 130 mg tablet per 24 hours, supplying 100 mg (100,000 micrograms) iodine, as iodide ion. (Note: typical daily dose of iodine to maintain normal health is of order 100 micrograms.  By ingesting this large amount of non-radioactive iodine, radioactive iodine uptake by the thyroid gland is minimized.   Wiki: iodine  Back to top arrowup

 Removing I-131 from drinking water:    Although you cannot remove I-131 from the air and soil, you can remove it from drinking water with reverse osmosis.  McMahon: removing I-131 from water   Back to top arrowup

 Factors Important to Protect Against Radioactive Fallout 

The four factors for protecting oneself from radioactive fallout are distance, shielding, time and diet:   Radioactive Fallout; March 2007

    Distance — the more distance between you and the fallout particles, the better. An underground area, such as a home or office building basement, offers more protection than the first floor of a building. A floor near the middle of a high-rise may be better, depending on what is nearby at that level on which significant fallout particles would collect. Flat roofs collect fallout particles, so the top floor is not a good choice, nor is a floor adjacent to a neighboring flat roof.
    Shielding — the heavier and denser the shielding materials—thick walls, concrete, bricks, books, and earth—between you and the fallout particles, the better.
    Time — — fallout radiation loses its intensity fairly rapidly. In time, you will be able to leave the fallout shelter. Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat to people during the first two weeks, after which time it has declined to only about one percent of its initial radiation level.
  • Diet - - A fourth factor is ingesting adequate iodine amounts as a preventive against I-131 radiation. More info about food

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 Nuclear Fallout maps:  Radiation maps illustrate the spread of radiation from Japan to the rest of the world.  Radiation fallout is expected to be spread by the North Pacific Jet Stream across the Pacific ocean to North America.  Below is a map of the jet stream.  Hookway: radiation fears

radiation-spread aussi map

As evident from the map below, most of the initial Japanese fallout, particularly I-131, will get very weak by the time it gets to the West coast of North America and should lose its radiation strength by the eighth day.

Map wind radiation
Map radiation spread  Heimish: radiation spread

Radioactive iodine as a nuclear fallout has a half-life of eight days.  This means that it will lose its radiation by the eighth day.

A French simulation projects the dispersion of radiation fallout from the Fukushima site and supports the previous map.  The radiation would spread across North America into Europe [ over the northern hemisphere ].  Click on map below to activate this simulation.

Simulation of Japanese radiation fallout:
Fr simulation map 
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 DO I HAVE RADIATION SICKNESS? Staff Aussies: radiation sickness

  NAUSEA AND DIARRHEA: Within 48 hours of mild exposure, vomiting and diarrhea occur. Severe headaches. Loss of gut's protective lining exposes body to bacteria causing sepsis

  LOSS OF ENERGY, RAPID HEARTBEAT: Patient feels light-headed and weak. Shortness of breath and dry cough

  INCREASED RISK OF LEUKAEMIA, LUNG AND BREAST CANCER: Blood transfusions are a must following exposure. Increased chance of leukemia within two years

  THYROID CANCER: This gland system is at the highest risk of infection. Potassium iodide used to minimize impact of radioactive particles

  IMMUNE SYSTEM BREAKDOWN: Can cause deadly infections. Blood transfusion and antibiotics required for treatment

  FALL IN RED AND WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT: Radiation halts production of white blood cells, used by the body to fight disease, by destroying bone marrow. Remaining cells work temporarily until they die naturally. Bone-marrow transplants rejuvenate supply of white blood cells

  HORMONES AND GLANDS: Radiation-related illnesses can emerge up to 10 to 15 years after exposure. The body's hormonal system is particularly sensitive

  BONE CANCER: Radioactive elements gather in bones and bone marrow. Cancer can appear years after exposure

  LOSS OF HAIR AND TEETH: Hair can fall out, teeth can become loose and gums diseased even after mild exposure. Extreme exposure will cause loss of teeth

  INFLAMMATION OF THROAT AND MOUTH: Causes mouth sores and muscle inflammation

  SKIN BURNS AND BRUISING: Radiation causes burns and sores on the skin. Bruising may also appear. Ointments must not be used as treatment

  RADIATION DERMATITIS: Skin reaction can occur two months after exposure. Radiation acne can also appear. Also anemia, hemorrhaging, bleeding under skin and permanent darkening of skin

  ORGAN DAMAGE: Affects liver, spleen and muscles. Can cause organ shutdown. Ions, known as "free radicals", enter blood, causing cell death, cancer and mutations

  DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Radiation can have a long-term impact, causing ulcers in the esophagus, stomach and intestines

  STERILITY: Minimum exposure causes temporary sterility (not impotence) in males and females. Extreme exposure can cause permanent sterility

  BABY DEFORMITIES AND INCREASED MORTALITY RATE: Pregnant women have increased chance of giving birth to stillborn or deformed babies, or infants with genetic problems. Children can have learning difficulties

  Those who survive six weeks after a single, large dose of radiation to the whole body may generally be expected to recover  Staff Aussies: radiation sickness

It is recommended that you consult your physician or a medical expert prior to Iodine usage.  This is especially important to those persons who may be allergic to sea food.  to top arrowup

 Recommended Dosage for Radiological Emergencies involving radioactive iodine:  Goodman: radiation fallout coming

Age KI in mg KIO3 in mg
Over 12 years old 130 170
3 - 12 years old 65 85
1 - 36 months old 32 42
< 1 month old 16 21

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 Radiation emergencies:  Potassium iodide (KI) should be taken just prior to, or as soon as possible after exposure; under the care of a health care professional. For infants, babies, and children, KI is administered for exposure of 5 centigrays (cGy) or more. For birth through 1 month, 16mg can be administered; for 1 month through 3 years, 32mg can be administered; for 3-12 years, 65mg can be administered; for adolescents ages 12-18 years, 65mg can be administered (or up to 120mg if the adolescent is approaching adult size).  Always consult your medical doctor immediately for all radiation exposure. ATA: Iodine Need for radiated persons  Brownstein: Iodine epidemic  to top arrowup

 Measuring Radiation Dose 

When a person is exposed to radiation, energy is deposited in the tissues of the body. The amount of energy deposited per unit of weight of human tissue is called the absorbed dose. Absorbed dose is measured using the conventional rad or the SI Gy.

The rad, which stands for radiation absorbed dose, was the conventional unit of measurement, but it has been replaced by the Gy. One Gy is equal to 100 rad.  Back to top arrowup

 Measuring Biological Risk 

A person's biological risk (that is, the risk that a person will suffer health effects from an exposure to radiation) is measured using the conventional unit rem or the SI unit Sv.

To determine a person's biological risk, scientists have assigned a number to each type of ionizing radiation (alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, and x-rays) depending on that type's ability to transfer energy to the cells of the body. This number is known as the Quality Factor (Q).

When a person is exposed to radiation, scientists can multiply the dose in rad by the quality factor for the type of radiation present and estimate a person's biological risk in rems. Thus, risk in rem = rad X Q.

The rem has been replaced by the Sv. One Sv is equal to 100 rem Measuring radiation

Interpreting radiation

"The sievert (symbol: Sv) is the International System of Units (SI) SI derived unit of dose equivalent radiation. It attempts to quantitatively evaluate the biological effects of ionizing radiation as opposed to the physical aspects, which are characterized by the absorbed dose, measured in gray.

The unit gray measures the absorbed dose of radiation (D), absorbed by any material. The unit sievert measures the equivalent dose of radiation (H), having the same damaging effect as an equal dose of gamma rays.

Both the gray, with symbol Gy and the sievert, with symbol Sv are SI derived units, defined as a unit of energy (joule) per unit of mass (kilogram):Wikipedia: defintion

    1 Gy = 1 Sv = 1 J / kg"
    millisievert = MSv; (1 mSv = 0.001 Sv)

To put 20mSv in perspective, here's a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to mSvs (per year):

  • 2mSv - typical background exposure from the environment
  • 2.4 mSv - average dose to US nuclear industry workers
  • 9 mSv - exposure to airline crew flying between New York and Tokyo
  • 20 mSv - current limit (averaged) for nuclear industry employees and uranium miners
  • 100mSv - lowest level at which any increase in cancer risk is clearly evident
  • 1000mSv (1 sievert) - cumulative. Estimated to cause a fatal cancer many years later in 5 out of every 100 people exposed to it
  • 1,000mSv (1 sievert) - single dose. Temporary radiation sickness - not fatal
  • 5,000mSv (5 sieverts) - single dose. Fatal within a month to half of those who receive it
  • 10,000mSv (10 sieverts) - single dose. Fatal within weeks 

Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day): 

Wikipedia: defintion

     0 – 0.25 Sv (0 – 250 mSv): None
     0.25 – 1 Sv (250 – 1000 mSv): Some people feel nausea and loss of appetite; bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen damaged.
     1 – 3 Sv (1000 – 3000 mSv): Mild to severe nausea, loss of appetite, infection; more severe bone marrow, lymph node, spleen damage; recovery probable, not assured.
      3 – 6 Sv (3000 – 6000 mSv): Severe nausea, loss of appetite; hemorrhaging, infection, diarrhea, peeling of skin, sterility; death if untreated.
     6 – 10 Sv (6000 – 10000 mSv): Above symptoms plus central nervous system impairment; death expected.
     Above 10 Sv (10000 mSv): Incapacitation and death
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 Half life of radiation fallout:  Southwerk: radiation fallout

"The biggest radioactive risk right now comes from the byproducts of fission. Tokyo Electric Power Company, which runs the reactors, has reported releases of both iodine-131 and cesium-137, the two primary radionuclides that nuclear fission creates. According to Hutchinson, strontium-90 has also been detected, and the presence of cesium and strontium indicates fuel melting.

Iodine-131 moves through the atmosphere more easily than cesium-137, but it has a half-life of only eight days, according to Classic. That means it would be all but gone within weeks. Cesium-137, on the other hand, attaches itself to particles or debris. That means that eventually cesium-137 will fall out of the air onto the ground, and there it will stay until it decays. The isotope’s half-life is about 30 years, so it would be a long time before an area it traveled to would be free from radiation. Depending on the level of radiation, the area would have to be sectioned off or the material dealt with by a hazardous waste disposal team. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to radiation from cesium-137 near a nuclear accident site could significantly increase the risk of cancer. Trace amounts of cesium-137 are already in the environment worldwide, mostly because of nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and ’60s, but most of that has decayed."  Southwerk: radiation fallout

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To view:  List of civilian nuclear accidents


 Information about the consequences of radiation fallout from the Japanese nuclear energy plants disaster is incomplete, suppresed and controversial. 

Radiation Fallout:  Governments of Japan and United States report almost no risk of radiation fallout from Japan on North America as of March 18 - 20, 2011.  This perception is based on the information provided by Japan about the status of their nuclear plants and monitoring information by USA nuclear officials.  But this may not be the final word on the impact of Japanese radiation fallout on the world.  Japanese and American governments appear to have been suppressing the real truth about the severity of the radiation on the Japanese people and the world.  Sircus: Radioactivity cover-up   We have to assume that Japan is doing all it can to detoxify the fallout radiation.  Sunflower detoxifies radiation  Miracle Blue Goo Used To Decontaminate Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper reported on March 26, 2011, that harmless traces of radioactive iodine had been detected in California counties and Seattle.  The alarming aspect of this report was the delay of at least a week before collected samples are analyzed and reported.  An even more critical aspect of the federal Environmental Protection Agency procedures was that two of California's monitoring devices had been out of commission or malfunctioning for almost half a year.  This revelation is deeply troubling as these monitors were not ready to provide local areas with immediate emergency radiation information. [ Darce Keith ]  Folks, we are NOT disaster prepared!

Stay healthy:  But ... you should make sure that you are ingesting adequate amounts of iodine. And ofcourse, it is essential to keep a healthy immune system by eating a balanced diet that includes chlorophyll rich foods and ingesting adequate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, selenium, anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and other nutrient supplements. It may be advisable to ingest calcium citrate to remove toxic substances from the body as a precaution.  Vegans and vegetarians may be most at risk for iodine deficiency.

It is important for you, the reader, to do your own research and come up with your own conclusions about the continuing radiation fallout from Japan.   This web-site article provides documented references and should get you started. to top arrowup

This web-site attempted to simplify iodine information by reviewing all the iodine information, documenting it on one web-site for easy access.

Radiation Fallout: Almost no risk of radiation fallout from Japan on North America as of March 18 - 20, 2011. This perception is based on the information provided by Japan about the status of their nuclear plants and monitoring information by USA nuclear officials. But this may not be the final word on the impact of Japanese radiation fallout on the world. Japanese and American governments appear to have been suppressing the real truth about the severity of the radiation on the Japanese people and the world. Sircus: Radioactivity cover-up

The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper reported on March 26, 2011, that harmless traces of radioactive iodine had been detected in California counties and Seattle. The alarming aspect of this report was the delay of at least a week before collected samples are analyzed and reported. An even more critical aspect of the federal Environmental Protection Agency procedures was that two of California's monitoring devices had been out of commission or malfunctioning for almost half a year. This revelation is deeply troubling as these monitors were not ready to provide local areas with immediate emergency radiation information. [ Darce Keith ] Folks, we are NOT disaster prepared!

Stay healthy:  But ... you should make sure that you are ingesting adequate amounts of iodine. And ofcourse, it is essential to keep a healthy immune system by eating a balanced diet that includes chlorophyll rich foods and ingesting adequate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, selenium, anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and other nutrient supplements. It may be advisable to ingest calcium citrate to remove toxic substances from the body as a precaution. Vegans and vegetarians may be most at risk for iodine deficiency.

Thyroid fixation: Many medical doctors and medical schools are stuck on the out-dated view of iodine: "The reigning truth on iodine is that the thyroid gland is the only organ in the body that requires this micronutrient, and a daily intake considerably more than what the thyroid gland needs is potentially harmful. The new truth is that the rest of the body also needs iodine, in large amounts [ milligrams ], not small amounts [ micrograms ]."  Miller: iodine for health  Abraham: Thyroid fixationFleisher: Deficiency iodine

There is a lot of misinformation about iodine as well as suppression of information. Mostly, many are afraid of the unknown .... whether supplementing with iodine is dangerous!

It is important for you, the reader, to do your own research and come up with your own conclusions about iodine. Once you understand the importance of this vital essential nutrient, you will understand why it is crucial to ensure adequate iodine levels in you and your family. This web-site article provides documented references and should get you started. Back to top arrowup

To go:  For more good information


Abraham, Guy E., "Thyroid fixation, The history of iodine in medicine,"   Abraham: Thyroid fixation

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This press conference organized by Globla Research was held in the context of Helen Caldicott's public lecture to Montreal on March 18, 2011. First I want to present this report, produced by the New York Academy of Sciences, a report on Chernobyl. It can be downloaded.(2) They translated 5,000 articles from Russian for the first time into English. It seems that nearly a million people have already died as a result of Chernobyl, despite what the WH0(3) says and the IAEA.(4) This is one of the most monstrous cover-ups in the history of medicine. Because everybody should know about this. Then we extrapolate through to Japan. Japan is by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl. Never in my life did I think that six nuclear reactors would be at risk.(5) I knew that three GE engineers who helped design these Mark I GE reactors, resigned because they knew they were dangerous.(6) So Japan built them on an earthquake fault.

Forty per cent of Europe is still radioactive. Farms in Britain, their lambs are so full of cesium they can't sell them. Don’t eat European food. So any country that has a reactor, works with your uranium. You [Canada] are the biggest exporter of uranium in the world.(16) Canada sells two things: it sells wheat for life, and uranium for death. All radiation is damaging. It's cumulative -- each dose you get adds to your risk of getting cancer.

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"The Fukushima Meltdown news is now absolutely horrific. Over two months after the earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan finally admitted that a complete core nuclear meltdown has occurred in three of the Fukushima nuclear reactors releasing a never-ending river of deadly radiation into the very air we all breathe and the food we eat. Due to the prevailing westerly winds, most of the plutonium laced nuclear fallout from Fukushima is dropping directly onto the United States and Canada.

America has already been contaminated with an assortment of Dante’s Inferno of radioactive isotopes. We now live in a hellish radiated toxic world where Japan, the Pacific and North America have been suffering wave after wave of deadly unreported Fukushima radiation for months,,, and it could go on for decades.

One pound of plutonium, if evenly distributed will kill everyone on the planet. Fukushima Reactor 3, (contained a 150 ton spent fuel store which exploded) had at least 500lb of plutonium in it, possibly more.

Both the ocean and air currents coming from Japan are now highly radioactive as they continue to travel around the globe wrecking invisible havoc. No one is really safe.

At risk; you, your children and loved ones and most importantly Japanese and North America's unborn children.

Japan and North America's Governments and Health Agencies See No Evil; The recurrent tendency to deny systemic errors - "in order to avoid public panic" - is rooted in the determination of any long entrenched bureaucracy to protect itself rather than in any publicly stated purpose of serving the nation or its people. That's the unspoken rule of thumb in most governments. Japan is better than elsewhere in organizing official cover-ups so the indigenous population sees little of the true story. Millions will die as a result of this corruption."

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"Japan has been slow to admit the scale of the meltdown. But now the truth is coming out." Some scientists say Fukushima is worse than the 1986 Chernobyl accident, with which it shares a maximum level-7 rating on the sliding scale of nuclear disasters. One of the most prominent of them is Dr Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician and long time anti-nuclear activist who warns of "horrors to come" in Fukushima.

Chris Busby, a professor at the University of Ulster known for his alarmist views, generated controversy during a Japan visit last month when he said the disaster would result in more than 1 million deaths. "Fukushima is still boiling its radionuclides all over Japan," he said. "Chernobyl went up in one go. So Fukushima is worse."

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Potassium iodide may be used to protect against accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid by saturating the body with a stable source of iodine prior to exposure. Approved by the World Health Organization for radiation protection, potassium iodate [ KIO3 ] is an alternative to potassium iodide [ KI ], which has poor shelf life in hot and humid climates. The UK, Ireland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and some US states stock potassium iodate in tablet form. It is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a thyroid blocker, and the FDA has taken action against US websites that promote this use.  Wikipedia

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"As radioactive iodine and cesium-137 continue to spread across the northern hemisphere in higher and higher amounts, and is now reported in France, not a word is mentioned about the population’s iodine deficiencies and how that will guarantee that almost everyone’s thyroids will be ever so thirsty sponges for radioactive iodine. Criminal, mass murder and crimes against humanity are all words that come to mind thinking of this. Medical officials are either totally dumb or the meanest rats that ever walked this earth. They are obviously too stupid to realize that the public’s mineral deficiencies are a major factor in calculating vulnerabilities to exposures to radiation."

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