Weight loss suggestions
By Walter Sorochan

Posted October 13, 2016.  Disclaimer

Losing weight is very difficult to do. Most weight loss programs do not work! There is no best way to lose weight. Many persons have lost weight and sometime later, regained it. So the key to weight loss is to lose it and also keep it off. Another key to losing weight is to eat good foods and avoid processed foods, take-out foods and junk foods.  So losing body fat is a challenge.

The current weight loss fad in 2016 is to join a weight loss program in your Health Care provider that consists of buying powder nutrient shakes [ Optifast shake mix] and mixing the powder at home with water, drinking a shake every 3 hours, eating a low calories meal each day and has a medical doctor monitor your blood data every two weeks. The shake powder is balanced full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This nutrient supplementation is very important for those trying to lose weight.

Many persons do a weight loss program without realizing that losing body weight is similar to having surgery.  It is a big stress on the body.  As fat cells empty of fat and shrink, the blood supply needs to be adjusted to now a different empty body cell.  The body needs time to make new changes and heal.  This is why a slow weight loss is better than a fast weight loss because the slow eight loss allows time for the body to heal. 

Research points out that counting calories and exercising alone usually does not result in weight loss.

So what really counts in the long run is the kind of food you eat and how much. You can't have your cake and eat it too! You need to make changes in the kind of food your eat. No Kubasa [sausage], bacon, red meat or processed foods. If you must eat meat, change to white meat like chicken and turkey. Cut out all sweets and sugary things like pie, pudding, ice-cream and chocolate bars. You need Discipline!

Eat smaller portions. This is a must. Restaurants usually give large food portions which pshologically makes you want to eat all on the plate and get your money's worth.  Bad idea! 

Salads are great for losing weight. But do not use the commercial salad dressings as these contain fat. Think of tossed salad and use flaxseed oil or virgin olive oil instead of commercial salad dressing. Use just a little but not much. Sprinkle the salad with ground flax seed for fiber. Avoid processed foods and take-outs like drive-in McDonalds. You do not know what you are eating at these places. No French fries or ketchup [ 30 % sugar ]. Cook your own meals at home where you have total control of what is in the food you eat. Try borscht. Red beets are fabulous healers.

Food is your best medicine and best supplement. Eat fresh green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seed vegetables like beans and peas. Eating plant foods is recommended instead of taking supplements. But we live in a world where soils are depleted of minerals and so plants growing in these soils may be depleted as well. So as a safety precaution, we should consider supplementing.

Select ALL plant derived supplements. 90% of the nutritional supplements being sold are synthetic chemicals, are not absorbed by the human body and are a waste of time and money. Take plant-based nutritional supplements . Reason: the body recognizes plant-based nutrients and absorbs them. Synthetic supplements are not absorbed, and are perceived by the body as toxins which they are.

Become Informed:  You need to read the supplement label to find out if the supplement is made from plants. Usually the label does not do this very well, so you need to read the name of the nutrient. Here are a few web-site articles about vitamin-mineral supplements: http://www.freegrab.net/sups.htm

You might try a powder moringa that comes from an India tree plant. It is supposed to be very helpful in weight loss, and has many healing qualities. No side effects and is available at health food stores.

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Good nutritional supplement references:

  •  Spirulina [ a water algea ] has a natural balance of all nutrients. At times it may even be better then commercial vit-mineral supplements. Another one is chlorella, also an ocean algae supplement. I prefer Spirulina. Spirulina info goto: Spirulina & Chlorella
  •  Vitamin D-3 -- 5000 -6000 International Units [IU] per day. Canadian government recommends that Canadians take 5000 IU per day. For inf about D-3 go to: Vitamin D-3
  • Magnesium check out: Magnesium
  • Iodine: check out: Iodine
  • vitamin C Check out: Vitamin C
  • Ground up flax-seeds
  • Water drink 4-6 glasses of water per day: Water as healer
  • Bacteria in large intestine [ colon] control immunity, weight & obesity: Most recent information since 2000 points out that the bacteria in the large intestine [ poopoo] has a lot to do with controlling obesity and body weight. This topic has been a taboo .... we do not talk about this dirty thing. But bacteria in our feces is now a hot research topic and a very scientifically accepted topic. If you have the wrong bacteria in your large intestine, then this may contribute to your constipation and obesity. Adjusting the good/bad bacteria may help you to lose weight and also keep it off. Medical doctors have not yet, in most places, caught up to this information. So it might be a very good idea to also investigate this information and seek help from an informed medical practitioner dealing with this issue. For more information on this, go to: Bacteria in colon

Research points out that if one loses body fat quickly, like 3 or 5 pounds in a week, then this fat will come back quickly.  But losing body fat slowly, like 1 or 2 pounds a week, will help keep the weight down after you stop your weight loss program.  Keep in mind that when you lose body fat, a lot of toxins that were stored in the fat, will be released.  Such a toxin release may make you feel uncomfortable, and feel sick temporarily.  This is why a slow weight loss is good because it allows your body to naturally detoxify and heal. 

You need a positive belief system  Tell your brain:

"I want to be Thin."  Imagine how you would look if you were thin! Repeat these thoughts several times each day.   You need to tell your brain that you want to be thin.  Plant a "thin" thought seed in your brain.

You need discipline to lose body weight.  Stop eating junk foods.  Stop eating processed and sugar foods. 

Finally, you need to stabilize your body weight once you feel satisfied that you have reached your desired thin level.  Experiment with the kind of foods that you eat that, in turn, help your good bacteria in the colon [large intestine].  Eating is not just for you.... the foods you eat also feed good and bad bacteria.  You get feed-back from your digestive system when you are eating bad bacteria  ... like constipation,  possibly diarrhea, a lot of flatulence or gas, bloating, reflux, getting colds and the flu' and feeling bad.  You get the opposite signals from the colon when you eat good food .... your stomach feels good, you have a soft bowel movement, you have lots of energy and you feel good. 

Recall the alcoholism expression: "Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic!"  Well, the same is true for overweight and obese persons: "once a fat person, always a fat person."  The rational for this is simple.  After you lose body fat, these fat cells dry up, they hibernate and wait to to store fat again.  If you eat the wrong foods, the unused fat will be gobbled up by your hungry dormant fat cells and you begin to get fat again.  So you need discipline and good eating habits to stay thin the rest of your life! Don't give your fat cells a chance to eat!  Do NOT become overweight or obese!