[ Getting rid of body toxins ]
By Walter Sorochan

Posted December 15, 2011 updated April 27, 2017.  Disclaimer  The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only and is not intended as curative or prescriptive advice.  

We now live in a very much different world compared to 1950.  Before 1950, humans were exposed to only a handful of poisonous wastes and toxins, making it easy for the human body to naturally detoxify the toxins from the body.  But in today's 21st century we are surrounded by plastics, industrial wastes, agricultural chemicals and medical prescriptions.  Pollution  Pandemic environmental pollution   Our polluted environment and lifestyle puts a big burden on our body, causing many health problems

One can make a strong argument that one of the essentials of staying healthy in today's world is knowing how to help your body to get rid of toxins in a natural way.  Detoxification is just as important as eating a good diet, exercising and practicing good health habits.  This article explores the process of detoxification and ways of helping the body detoxify in a regular and natural manner. 

Some readers may be skeptical that humans today have toxins in what appears to be a healthy body.  Viewing NBC news video below show provide evidence that you carry a lot of poisons.

The short video summarizes the chemical toxicity in our bodies: [ 2.21 mns long ]
Source: Video: Body Pollution, Chemical Toxicity

Toxic substances are everywhere. The body is not only exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment, but also to toxins produced by the body. 

We call the process of eliminating toxins, "detoxication" or "detoxification," which is the opposite of "intoxication." Different tissues detoxify in varying ways:

  • Lungs can detoxify by removing gases (gas anesthetics are removed from the body by the lungs).

  • Skin can detoxify by reducing the penetration of toxic substances [ toxins in water don't get in through the skin well; however, toxins in oils do penetrate easily ].

  • Digestive System can detoxify by eliminating toxic foods, by either vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Lymphatic system detoxifies by muscles squeezing lymph vessels and moving toxins into the veins into the blood system and then into the kidney that filters toxins out into urine.

  • Liver detoxifies by changing the chemical nature of many toxins.

Natural Detox --- How?   Mother nature has its own built-in bio-chemical process of getting rid of body made-toxins in our bodies.  Humans are born with a natural immune-detoxification system. Liska: detox enzyme sys

free-radicals Our immune system is part of our body's need to get rid of wastes. Oxidants are waste products formed when oxygen is used to metabolize food and make energy. These oxidants are also referred to as free radicals because they are very unstable and circulate in the body looking to attach to body cells, in an effort to stabilize; which they do.

An excess of free radicals can interfere with normal body processes, such as disrupting our protection system, the immune system.  To avoid free radical build up, babies are born with the antioxidant ability to fight and get rid of free radicals. Sorochan: glisodin natural body detoxifier  These early life antioxidants are referred to as Superoxide Dismutase or SOD. Sorochan: glisodin natural body detoxifier

SOD is made at birth but the synthesis process rapidly decreases with age. Excellent Background info | SOD and aging  The baby's body starts pumping SOD into its system in the first few hours of baby life. It’s absolutely necessary for survival. Unfortunately, this capability to synthesize SOD dissipates early in life, so that as we grow older we have less and less ability to synthesize SOD.

SOD is the first line of defense against the free radical substance called superoxide. In absence of the first defensive line of SOD, we also have a backup system of getting antioxidants from eating foods rich in SOD, like broccoli, cabbage, greens, ground flax seed, melons and fruits. Unfortunately, foods provide such a weak second line of defense against free radicals that free radicals can over accumulate and disrupt [ stress ] our immune system. The immune system is particularly compromised by smoking, pollution, over-exposure to sunlight [ UV radiation ], infection, processed foods, sugars and aging; resulting in "oxidative stress." [ a condition where more oxygen wastes or free radicals accumulate than can be removed by antioxidants from the body, causing stress on cells to survive. ]

Another simpler example of our body making waste products from the breakdown of food is alcohol.   Our own bodies produce alcohol as a part of the digestive process. Wiki: alcohol made by body  The average human digestive system produces approximately 3 grams of ethanol per day merely through fermentation of its contents. Wiki: alcohol made by body   If the alcohol is not removed from the body, we would be poisoned by it.  So the body detoxifies [ changes ] alcohol in the liver into a water soluble product that can easily be filtered out of the body by the kidney.  But your kidney can do its work as long as it has plenty of water to move the water soluble alcohol out of the kidney. This detoxification process also works in the removal of wastes resulting from body processes like the digestion of foods, the invasion of microbes, medications and ingestion of pollutants.  And your body's detox system works fairly well as long as it is not overburdened.

In addition to ensuring that you have adequate glisodin, you need to ingest adequate  iodine to have a natural ability to detoxify.  Iodine is a natural body detoxifier; providing that you have more intake than just the bare minimum to avoid goiter.  In adequate body amount, iodine will help get rid of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, bromine, fluoride, chlorine, radiation and other toxins.  Iodine is also a part of the body's natural detox system. 

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables also  help to cleanse the body.

So how can you keep your body in good working order?  To start with, you do not need to engage in expensive commercial detoxification programs.  Although many detoxification programs [ detox diets colon cleansing ] have been commercialized to make money, some may be safe and may work.  You can bolster your immune system to work better by supplementing with co-factor supplements like vitamin D, magnesium and iodine; and with glisodin, a natural vegetable extract claimed to prolong life, enhance immunity, prevent diseases and protect against sunburn. Glisodin organization info   Glisodin is supposed to do for adults what Superoxide Dismutase does for babies [ help get rid of toxins ].  Sorochan: glisodin natural body detoxifier 

The best has been saved for last:

Natural Detoxification:  Your body has a lymphatic system that gets rid of toxins and wastes. No detox programs or starvation diets. Most persons are not aware that they have a lymphatic system that mother nature put in place to get rid of toxins and poisons ... to detoxify the body.

The lymphatic system works parallel to the blood circulation system and is three times bigger than the blood system. Whereas the red blood system has a heart to pump blood and its contents around, the lymphatic system does not have a pump.  Instead, it relies on muscles surrounding the lymph vessels to contract like a pump and move the lymph contents.  The muscles surrounding the lymph vessels contract when these are moved, as by jarring movement activity or exercise. The key is movement of the body, as in jumping up and down, rope slipping, running and walking.  When movement contracts the muscles surrounding the lymph vessels, then the lymph and its toxins are squeezed into the veins, then emptied into the blood stream and filtered out by the kidney as urine.  The key is movement! 

The problem most persons have with this natural detoxification system is that they do not get enough exercise of the proper kind or do not know that they have a lymphatic system. Sitting and watching TV does not move the lymphatic system.  Doing housework is light exercise and not jarring enough to move the lymphatic system.  But just jumping up and down for 3 to 5 minutes twice a day will move the toxins out of the body. If you did jump up and down for 5 minutes twice a day, then your body would naturally detoxify. And yes, running is a good jarring movement as is skipping a rope for 5 minutes.  Walking is also good but slow and you need to walk a long distance to get the same impact as skipping a rope. 

Keep in mind that detoxification exercise focuses differently from cardio-muscular fitness exercise.  Running for half an hour or longer will be similar as jumping up and down, but it takes longer than skipping a rope. 

What happens when you do not get enough jarring movement exercise?  The toxins pile up in lymph nodes, and in the stomach fat cells.  It is similar to your kitchen sink backing up. You start getting toxic fat!  You feel lazy, have no energy and feel bad.  These are symptoms that you body is sending to you that the toxins are pilling up and you need to get some movement exercise.  Your body is asking you for help! 

You can help to cleanse your body by:

  • Eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables [ fiber ]

  • Drinking lots of water
  • to help flush the toxins out of the body
  • Exercising regularly
  • You need movement exercise to move the toxins out of the body
  • Having good lifestyle habits [ like not smoking and not drinking excessive alcoholic beverages ]

  • Avoid exposure to toxic pollutants Woolston: how to detox your body
  • You can also eat foods rich in anti-oxidants to help get rid of free radicals.
  • Avoid exposure to bromide insecticides, fluoridated toothpaste and water, chlorine

This is a simple and safe preventive recipe and it works!   The human body has the ability to get rid of body wastes and toxins in a natural manner.  Liska: detox enzyme sys  


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