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It includes a wide range of topics that may be controversial or complex issues and may not represent the view of this author but they represent a point of view. The research-author simplifies complex issues so that the information is more understandable for those not having a background in a specific field. Articles compiled by this author on this website are supported by references and documentation, and website is free from advertisements and pop-ups. The author believes that all knowledge and information should be free and readily available for everyone. Where possible, this author searches for the truth and has no vested interest other than optimal wellbeing. Finding the truth helps one become more perfect as a person and attain optimal wellbeing.

 Alert: You may have to scroll down, as in DISEASES and HEALTH, to display all the articles. Some articles may have images or videos that may take a longer time to boot up; so be patient.  Clicking on refresh can help.

 Re: Update:  Many articles were researched over 10 years ago. Since then many articles have been updated. Unfortunately, many author-article-links were broken. That is .... the articles made reference to the article in a Journal or elsewhere but the article disappeared on the internet location. So, if you tried to boot up the original article, the article would not boot up because it was no longer active. There may be numerous reasons for the broken links: probably the author may have retired, would no longer keep up the article and may have taken the article off the internet, the article name may have changed, or the article no longer worked for reasons unknown.

A broken article link does not devalue the contents of the article, nor the merit of its contents.

This author researcher felt obligated to identify the articles as the broken links with the comment: "The article is no longer active".

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